Recycle a Water Bottle

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Drinking water is essential to life. Water not only rejuvenates your body but allows it to function more efficiently. Purchasing bottled water is convenient but what can be done with the bottle once the water is gone? Recycle it into something useful.

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Ways to Recycle a Water Bottle

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    Create your own holiday ornaments
    Holiday decorations can be costly, but you can use an empty water or soda bottle to make your own Christmas decor. They make good Christmas angels, tree ornaments, or Halloween decorations. You can easily research the steps on how to make Holiday decors from water bottles.
    Holiday water bottle
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    Recycle for Education
    Water bottles not only serve health purposes, but can also be used for education. You can come up with a science project using a water bottle. Create a bottle tornado, build an art farm, or make a rain gauge out of the bottle, or keep your water bottles for another future educational undertaking.
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    Create an art masterpiece
    If not for educational purposes, a water bottle can be converted into a masterpiece art project. Instead of buying a toy cell phone, you can connect two plastic bottles to form an old-school telephone. Water bottles can also be converted into an excellent noisemaker. All it takes is a little ingenuity to form an artwork out of a water bottle.
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    Turn a water bottle into useful everyday items
    You can also use empty water bottles to come up with everyday items. Put water into the bottle, place it in the freezer and you have an instant ice pack for injuries, or you can make a funnel out of the water bottle. You do not have to buy a raft in order to have one. Using several water bottles, a fish net, and some old plywood, you can make an improvised raft.
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Additional Tips and Suggestions

  • You can poke holes in the top of a water bottle and use it to water your house plants while you are away from home.
  • A water bottle can be turned into a pencil case or storage container.
  • Use a water bottle to grow your own rooting vegetables. The clear bottle is great for teaching children about how rooting vegetables grow.
  • Cut a water bottle into rings, cut to size, and use them as cloth napkin holders. You can decorate them however you like.
  • Turn a water bottle into a terrarium.

Questions and Answers

How to use a empty water bottle as decorations?

How to use a empty water bottle as decorations? Here are some ways to make an empty water bottle as decorations:

A. Flower Bottle Vase

  • First you must have an empty bottle, scissors, different colors of paint, decorative papers, fake flowers and a glue.
  • Second, get your empty bottle and paint your bottle or you may just use decorative papers and glue it on the empty bottle.
  • Third, after you are done painting or decorating your empty bottle, add the fake flowers and now you have your flower bottle vase.

B. Flower Bottle (Wall decoration)

  • First you must have an empty bottle, scissors, different colors of paint, and a glue.
  • Second, cut the empty bottle in half.
  • Third, using the scissors, cut the half bottle into strips all the way up to the top. So the strips will be the petals of the flower.
  • Fourth, flatten the strips to make it look like the petals of the flower.
  • Fifth, paint the petals. Use the colors that you like and just be creative.
  • Lastly, using your glue, put a glue on the flower bottle and paste it on your room's wall or anywhere you would like to put it.

You can also use the flower bottle to be the flower for the flower bottle vase by getting a stick and decorate it, after you are done decorating or painting your stick, attach it in the center of the flower and put it in the flower bottle vase.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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