Recover a Lost Android

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Hi! You're looking at the VisiHow tutorial on recovering your lost Android, and how to locate it.

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    First things first, your Android device has to be registered with your Google account
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    Go to Google and type in Android Device Manager
    Scroll down and you'll see a result (below all the ads) titled Android Device Manager. It has to be under a Google website.
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    Click on it and you'll be brought to a login page
    Sign in with your Google account to continue.
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    If you have multiple devices, select the device you want to locate in the drop down box
    Depending on your network status, and whether your lost device has GPS turned on, your device may not be found.
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    If Google has found your device, you will see the time it was located, the location of the device on a map (of which the accuracy is stated) and some options
    1. Ring your device. Your device will ring at full volume for five seconds, and will only stop when it's Power button is pressed. Google will ask twice to ring your device.
    2. Lock your device. This option is only available in selected phones. You can choose to lock your device if it is storing sensitive information. Until you get your device back, no one can access your device. Google will ask you to set a temporary password to lock your device.
    3. Set up Lock & Erase. This will also follow Option 2, locking your device. But, there is a twist to this option. Once you lock it, all data and apps on your device will be erased, and your device will be placed in Activation Lock, meaning that it will be secured with the temporary password you set.
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  6. 6
    Found your device
    If you have chosen Option 2 or 3, you'll have to type in the temporary password, and the lock code you set on your device.
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Thanks for looking at this tutorial! Good luck on finding your device.

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