Recover Deleted Photos, Videos and Other Data on Samsung Galaxy S5

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Have you done a very terrible mistake on your phone where all of your contacts, photos, videos and other stuff got deleted on your Samsung Galaxy Phone? Also, you forgot to make a back up of your phone and you could no longer retrieve the those deleted files and wants t pay extra for those information be retrieved? Worry no more, there are some specialized software that can help you on how you can retrieve your lost contacts, videos and any other stuff on your phone's internal storage. However, this is not a free software that you can download as this is made for mobile devices for you to retrieve those.

This program is called Samsung Android Phone Recovery. Although that it says as Samsung, this program can also work for HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony and Sony Ericsson line. Unfortunately, other manufacturers will not be supported for this recovery. The program will cost you $49.95, but it will benefit you a lot of this program. You can purchase this program from your local computer store or from this LINK.


Also, there are limitations as well for this program to which format that it can be restore on your handset. The developer of this program also guarantee you a money back within 30 days if you find the program not to be useful but guaranteed to work for Samsung phones and to the latest phone that they have, the Samsung Galaxy S5. And more to come in the future updates that they have and will be free since you paid for it.

You can also use this program for your extra income if you have friends who needs to recover such files from their phone that they have deleted. Meaning, the money that you spent will be coming back to you. This program can also help you recover files that you have in the phone even if it is a "Rooted" phone. This is a simply Article on how you can recover the lost or deleted files from your Android phone.


Supported formats

As per mentioned that there are supported format that this program can recover but almost all it being supported on your phone. You can check your phone specifications to which file format it supports.

Messaging: HTML, CSV, XML

Contacts: VCF, HTML, CSV





  1. 1
    Make sure that you have installed the drivers on your computer
    Simply connect the phone to your PC and it will automatically install its driver
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  2. 2
    Enable the USB debugging on your phone as a requirement for you to recover the lost data
    If you do not now how to, here are the steps:
    1. Tap on Settings
    2. Tap on About Device
    3. Tap on the build number 7 times
    4. Once you get the phone or last tap, go back to the previous menu in the settings
    5. Look for the Developer options then enable the USB debugging and exit
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  1. 1
    Download/Purchase and install the program on your computer from this LINK
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  2. 2
    Once you have the Wondershare Dr.Phone For Android, launch the program on your computer.
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  3. 3
    Follow the on screen instruction and connect the phone to the computer via USB cord and wait until it has been recognized by the program.
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  4. 4
    Once it has been recognized, click on the start button for the program to scan the phone in the least amount of time.
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  5. 5
    After the Scan, it will show a bunch of files that has been deleted in your phone which you can select them all to recover those
    Click the recover for the program to recover all lost files
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Once it has been recovered, you can simply unplug the USB cord on your computer check the phone back as it will now be visible. If you are not seeing the files on your phone, you can simply restart the phone and it will be back there now.

Common Reasons for data loss

  • Accidental deletion of the file
  • Phone Virus
  • Performed Hard reset or Soft reset on the phone
  • Data corruption on the phone
  • Your child was playing on the phone and did something to cause data loss
  • File system issue and so on

Questions and Answers

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