Record Surroundings of Any Android or iPhone Jailbreak Using Xnspy

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Do you wonder what your spouse is chatting away on his phone? Do you fear your employees might be spilling company secrets to your rivals over phone calls? Are you scared that your kids might be contacting drug dealers or blackmailers? There is only one way to find out the truth, and that is through spy apps. XNSPY is a spy app that allows you to not only record the phone calls but also record the surroundings to get information about the in-room conversations taking place near your target. This feature is available only in Android or Jailbreak iPhone. You can now relax and remotely hear the surrounding recordings on your device, and thus make an informed decision about your target. Here is a step-by-step process which will help you learn how you can record the surroundings and listen to them via XNSPY.

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1. Go to the website, and enter your login credentials including email ID and password.


2. Once you've accessed the login, a dashboard screen will appear, just like the image below.


However, if you want to monitor multiple devices, a screen like below will appear from where you can select the target device (iPhone or Android) you want to monitor.


3. After you've selected the device, dashboard monitoring page will appear on the screen which contains a set of features on the left-hand side of the panel.


4. From among the panel, scroll down and click on the 'record surround' feature.

Record Surroundings.jpg

5. The page 'Phone Surround Recordings' will show on your screen which determines all the recordings available.

Phone Surround Recordings.jpg

6. The recordings are available in a chronological order, with the most recent one at the top. Date and time stamp of the recording is given along with the media file format.

Duration of recorded call is also given with each call.

Recordings details.jpg

7. A recorder icon is given with each call as shown in the image below. When you click this recorder, a multimedia file will open which will help you listen to the recording as much as you want.

You can either download the file or listen to it immediately.

Recording Icon.jpg

8. On the top right of the page, there is a delete icon. You can click on it and then select the recordings which you want to delete. These recordings will then be permanently deleted from your control panel.

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Delete Recording.jpg

Follow the steps carefully by looking at the images, and you'll be able to listen to the surround recordings of your target. A brief description is provided with each step so we hope there won't be any issues while following the procedure. Monitoring record surroundings is quite easy with XNSPY.

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Questions and Answers 1. Can I record surroundings for as long as I can? Unfortunately no. You can only record the surroundings for up to thirty minutes. After that, the recorder will automatically turn off because the multimedia file will not support data which is more than half hour. If you want to continue recording, you will have to begin recording with another file.

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2. My spouse has a Non-Jailbreak iPhone. Will I be able to record surroundings? You can record surroundings only when your target phone is Jailbroken. The feature is not yet available for non-jailbroken iPhones. So you need to jailbreak your target phone, physically install XNSPY in it, and then begin with the recording. This feature is availablon any Android phone whether rooted or non-rooted.

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3. I have recorded the files but now they aren't opening on my device. Can you tell where the problem lies? When you have recorded a file, you must download it on your device or computer to listen to it. The file format is given in your control panel. Make sure you have installed VLC media player which will help you play the file and listen to the recording. Otherwise, the downloaded file will simply not work.

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4. Can I discreetly listen to the record surroundings without my target getting suspicious? XNSPY is a covert monitoring app. Be assure that this spy app will remotely command the control panel to begin recording which will then command your target smartphone's microphone to activate and start the recording process. In this whole procedure, the spy app works discreetly without letting the target know what's being done behind his back. The command that is sent to the control panel is also discrete.

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5. I have tried recording the surroundings when my son is on his phone but I have failed to do so. Can you tell me where I'm going wrong because I follow the exact procedure as you've mentioned? Hmm. This seems a problem. Make sure that your son's internet connection is working when he's chatting on his phone. If the internet connection is weak or switched off, then the control panel will not access the target's microphone to begin spying. Moreover, also see that the media player is installed on your device and the installation is done correctly or not.

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If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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