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The southeastern Asian land of Borneo is the home to the Proboscis Monkey. These monkeys are humorous looking fellows! They have long bulgy, flesh-like noses and big round bellies. Until now, it hasn't really been confirmed why they have large noses, but researchers believe that it is mainly for sexual attraction. The bigger it is, the more attractive female proboscis monkeys find it. Their fur has a somewhat reddish brown cream color. The male weighs up to 50 pounds, and the female is about half that size. Females mature in 4 years while it takes 4-5 years for males to reach maturity. They have a 20-year life span.

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Proboscis monkeys love to dwell on treetop branches where they can stay away from their predators. These monkeys depend on their habitat in order to survive. They prefer the wild, so they would not make a good pet if you wanted one. They are most often found in lowland forests/rainforests, and mangrove forests. They avoid areas settled by humans, as sadly, people are one of the major predators of Proboscis Monkey. Besides humans, they also need to protect themselves from leopards. Due to excessive logging, the forests are deteriorating, and the trees that were once home to the Proboscis Monkey are almost gone. They've created new, and much less safe dwellings by gathering near the rivers. Besides the treetops, they also love to stay near swampy land and rivers, as they very good swimmers. Besides the funny-looking flesh on their face, there are some other interesting facts about Proboscis Monkeys, Only a few studies have been done regarding the ecology of these monkeys, but the information we have now is very interesting. Continue reading and enjoy the discovery. They are now considered an endangered species.

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Proboscis Monkey Facts

  1. 1
    Proboscis Means "Nose"
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    The monkey's nose makes funny "honking" noises to attract the female. They also make the same noise to send a warning signal when they are in danger.
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    They Have Unique Feet
    The monkeys' feet and hands are partially webbed, which helps them to be better swimmers.
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    Their noses turn red when they feel excited or angry.
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    They Live In Groups
    1. These groups are called "harems" and they have a sort of a leader, which is always a male.
    2. The group consists of the leader and six females with their babies.
    3. Females will switch harems several times in their lifetimes.
    4. There is a "competition" between the females over whom they can mate.
    5. When a females is ready for mating, she gives a head shake as invitation.
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  5. 5
    Their Diet
    They mainly eat leaves, fruits and seeds. From June to December, the leaves make up their diet, and they feast on fruits from January to May. They feed themselves in the morning and sleep the entire day.
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  6. 6
    They are great swimmers
    You can even find them doing a belly flop! They can swim up to 65 feet underwater.
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  7. 7
    Females give birth to only one baby at a time, with a six-month gestation period
    The females take care of their babies for about a year - until they can support themselves.
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  8. 8
    The female monkeys "babysit" other baby monkeys which are not their own.
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  9. 9
    When a male's partner has given birth, he leaves the group he leads and joins a group of bachelors
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    Proboscis monkeys have two major social groups
    1. An all-male group consists of adults, juveniles and adolescents.
    2. The other social system is a group made of other several groups, where each one has a male leader or harem.
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