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Dogs are among the most loved pets. They are smart, affectionate, and most of all they are loyal - which has tagged them as men's best friend. But not all people who'd love to have a pet dog can have one. Sometimes your living conditions do not allow you to have a dog. Living in an apartment often presents some limitations to having a pet. But this does keep you from having a pet at all. Not all apartment owners are that strict. Some allow their tenants to own a small dog. For people living in apartments, chihuahua's are one of the top 10 dogs to own. If you need some tips in raising a chihuahua in your apartment, this can help you do it more effectively.

Steps on How to

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    Train them to be more quiet
    While Chihuahuas are little dogs, they can have the attitude of the bigger ones. They often bark so loudly that it can disturb your neighbors if you are in an apartment building. If you do not know how to tone down their barking, you can have a dog trainer do it.
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    Give them more attention
    Chihuahuas are very playful and tend to show some attitude when their masters ignore them. This will also result in barking loudly when they are ignored. To prevent such attitudes in your dog, pay attention to them and play with them as much as possible. This will also turn them into more loyal pets.
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    Give them a break
    If you live in a small apartment and there's not much space for playtime, you and your dogs should have a short break outdoors, which can be a perfect time for a potty break. They can also be good exercise buddies for you, so enjoy an afternoon's walk or jog in the park with your dogs.
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    Groom them regularly
    Give your chihuahua a regular grooming. These dogs require minimal grooming, but doing it regularly can keep you and your apartment neat and tidy, especially if you live in a smaller one.
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    Keep a good room temperature
    Chihuahuas love the warmth. If you are in a colder climate, be sure to keep the place insulated. Keep this in mind when you have to bring your chis outdoors. If you bring them out in the cold not properly geared for the low temperatures, they will not want to be outside.
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    Know your dogs' personalities
    Chis are known to be very loyal. This makes them the perfect choice if you live alone in an apartment. Just one tip though, if you are expecting some company then it is better to keep your dogs apart from guests since they have a tendency to bite when they are around strangers.
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    Potty train your chis
    If you are busy most of the time, have a litter box for your dogs. But while you can do this, do not eliminate the short potty walks outside with them. Dogs need exercise to be healthy. Exercising and giving them a potty break is like hitting two birds with one stone.
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    Most of all, love, love, love
    This is what every pet needs.
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Having chihuahuas can be a pleasant experience in your apartment when your chis are properly cared for and given all the attention they need

Questions and Answers

What temperature should I keep my apartment in the summer for my short haired chihuahua?

I have not been running my AC due to keeping expenses down. Will this hurt my chihuahua? She seems to be sleeping a lot lately and she has been to the vet recently and everything checked out okay.

Chihuahuas prefer warmer temperatures, so keeping your AC off will actually make your dog quite happy!

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