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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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Does lime water help in maintaining a better singing voice?

Yes, lime water has a lot of vitamin c in it which will help to give your voice and body a healthy boost. Along with lime water, it contains acids that will allow the breaking down of mucus that is in your throat to improve your singing voice.

Many people believe that by placing honey into the lime water that it will help but this is not true being that honey contains sugars which will counteract the improving effects of the lime water. Do your best to drink the lime water alone, or even lemon water for these two will help give you a vitamin c boost to your immune system and singing voice.

To maintain your voice stay away from sugary foods and drinks as this can cause an issue with your voice.

Quickest way to treat a coarse voice before a performance without drinking lemon tea?

You will need to do this weeks before your performance to make sure that you get the best quality of voice on that day. You can try drinking ginger juice (boiled ginger in water). It soothes the vocal chords and helps them heal as well. Make sure that you do not do rigorous practice days before the performance as it will only damage it more. Reduce intake of cold drinks as well.

Which teas are okay to drink when warming up for a vocal audition?

I am a singer preparing for a call back for a big show that is very vocal demanding. Then part I am being considered for requires belting, which I can do once I am properly, but it can be very strenuous when not warmed up correctly. I'm afraid that if I am not warmed up properly I will lose my voice or my voice will give out during my audition.

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What food or drink can I take just before I sing that will help me do a better job?

Before singing, it is good to drink hot ginger tea or warm water with honey or baking soda with corn syrup. You can drink these before your performance and it can help you do a better job.

Avoid foods and drinks that are acidic.

You also have to avoid cold drinks like cold water and soft drinks. Even milk and hot chocolate will not be good for your singing voice.

If ginger tea and the other solutions are not available, hot water is enough to clear your vocal cord and will lubricate your mouth.

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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