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This article will be on how to put on weight (for men) to the body. This article is not for men who want to put on muscle weight but in fact fat weight for the guy may feel as if they are too thin and want to gain weight. This article will give the steps on how a man can put on the weight they desire and also the amount of weight using easy steps that any man can use to perform this weight gain. You will be using all things that are accessible to anyone in order to perform this weight gain so do not worry about having to spend a little money for it will only be change compared to some other weight gain products out there in the world.

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    Consume water daily in order to add to your weight gaining process as water is essential to the weight gaining process
    Drinking water gives the body the essential energy in order to maintain itself so drinking water isn't only good for the body to gain weight but also to give the body the necessary energy in order to survive. How much water you drink is up to you but it is recommended to drink at least a half gallon of water a day or even more so the more water you drink the more you are giving to the weight gaining process, but be sure to not drink a unusual amount of water to hopefully speed up the weight gain for this will only hurt you instead of helping you in the weight gaining process for the over normal consumption of water can lead to sickness.
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    Eating more is the obvious way to gain more weight but you will need to keep track of exactly how much more you are putting into your body in order to keep track of your progress just in case you need to incorporate more food into your diet to speed up the process of gaining weight
    The goal is to put an extra 250 calories into your diet plan than you would normally do on a regular day. If you do this for a few weeks and notice that you are not contributing to your weight gain then add another 250 calories to your diet to get more of an effect, the reason this would not work without adding calories is because you have a fast metabolism and your body is not producing the necessary fats to the body to aid in the process of gaining weight. The more you eat the more chance that your body will gain weight for your high metabolism will not be able to break up all the food as quickly if you pile your body up with more food. Try to eat more red meat for it stays in the body longer than any other type of food you can possibly eat.
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    Try your best to consume more calories daily but only after you come up with the normal average of calories that you consume daily in order to have a goal to surpass the next day
    Whatever your average daily calorie consumption is do your best to increase it to 500 calories per day in order to help out the process, if you notice that your normal calorie rate is high daily you will still need to add that 500 calorie increase to your daily rate. Be sure to spread these calories throughout the day properly instead of having to have one big meal that will contain a ton of calories. It will seem as if you are eating like a fat person but this is not true, you will basically be catching up to the calorie rate of a fatter person for because their metabolism is low they will hold on to more calories than you if you were to eat normally.
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    Weight yourself to see where you are at in your progress making for gaining you extra weight
    In order to keep an accurate progress report on how much weight you are gaining you will need to weigh yourself in the beginning in order to have something to keep track of so that you can be in tuned of your progress weekly to see if you are on the right track with gaining your weight. Aside from weighing yourself you will also need to keep track of your body fat for this will allow you to know if you are putting on body fat that is sticking normally or turning into muscle depending on what you are aiming at accomplishing.
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    Make a list of you calorie consumption daily in order to ensure that you are adding your calories in the right spots such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and your snacks for you do not want to over add the calories and not get the most accurate rate of calories you are consuming daily
    If you do not have the correct number then you will not be tracking the right numbers of calories properly.
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    Lifting weights is also another way that you can add weight to your body but this weight will be one of gaining muscle as it is also known as weight being gained to the body
    Being active will help you to not only gain weight but also change your weight you are gaining into muscle turning you into a strong person with weight instead of fat. By lifting weights you will turn your calorie intake into muscle instead of complete fat. If you are looking to sculpt your fat into muscle along your journey then it is recommended to lift weights at least three times out of a week in order to help your body gain the muscle from the fat being inputted into the body.
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    Sleeping which is the easiest thing can help for you to regain energy that is lost through the day
    The body feeds off energy so the more well rested you are then the more energy your body will receive in order to sustain the intake of calories being put into the body.
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