Protect Yourself During Your Vacation

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Most people can agree how nice it is to get away and take a vacation! Unfortunately, some people come back more depressed and saying that they will never take a trip again because of a bad experience. So instead of saying you are not going again because of the things you went through, maybe you can think of ways ahead of time to prepare for possible difficulties and avoid them. Many people have been robbed during their vacation time. This can happen in the home while they are away, from their hotel room or condo, or from them personally during their travel. Here are some precautionary tips you can follow:

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Protect Your Home While You Are Away

1. Have a Friend Get Your Mail. Ask a friend or neighbor to get newspapers and anything piling up or laying around that lets thieves know that you are away.

2. Leave Your Key With Your Neighbor. They can check your home on a daily basis and make sure everything is in safe order.

3. Leave a Light on at Night. If the house is dark all the time, this is a sign nobody is home. Have your neighbor turn on a light once in a while.

4. Leave Your Valuables With a Trusted Friend. You can also lock anything that is of value in a safety deposit box.

5. Don't Broadcast to Everyone You Are Going Away. You never know who is around listening and might try to break in your home. And definitely don't post your vacation plans to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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How to Protect Money During Vacation

1. Avoid Taking Too Much Cash Or Credit Cards. The less you take the better. Be prepared by hiding them in well hidden places thieves normally do not look. Socks, shoes, or books are often good hiding spots. Or you could sew a pocket inside your shirt or pant leg, and you can keep your credit cards, passports, or cash there. Wear a money belt around your waist. Women can put money inside of their brassieres. Children's toys are also a great place to hide money. Robbers wouldn't think to look there, knowing that parent's would not trust their little ones with big amounts of cash.

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2. Be Careful at ATM Machines. Cover your pin number information.

3. Do Not Keep a Large Quantity of Cash Inside Your Wallet. This is a good sign to anyone that you have lots of money to "steal."

2. Keep Your Luggage Locked in Your Room. Maids have been known to steal jewelry, and whatever they can get their hands on. If you don't have a lock for your luggage, take your valuables with you. Hide cash in a TV remote in the battery compartment. You can buy fake cans of hairspray and shaving cream in stores or online to stash money in.

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3. Keep Important Phone Numbers On Paper. This will help you in case someone steals your phone.

2. Keep Your Valuables Out of Your Vehicle. Don't leave anything in your car know robbers would want to take. Lock all of your doors, and make sure you have a safety alarm.

Avoid Sickness and Injuries

1. Disease from Food and Water. In some vacation areas, such as South America or parts of Asia, you need to be careful. It may be wise to take your own water from home. While vacationing in the certain areas of the world, people have experienced diarrhea problems from drinking water that is contaminated. Remember, ice will be contaminated too.

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2. Stay Away From Meats and Produce. Be cautious and avoid meats, shellfish, and fruits and vegetables, as these may be contaminated. Eat fruits you can peel.

3. Take Precautions Near Beach Waters. Jellyfish, sharks, and sea urchins reside in ocean waters, and can cause injuries when they are trying to protect themselves and their territory.

4. Protect Yourself From Insect Bites. Take along some insect repellent.

Other Important Things to Think About When Arranging Your Vacation

  1. 1
    Think About the Weather
    Wherever you are headed, it is best to listen to the weather prediction for that area before you leave. You need to pack the proper clothing to keep warm or cool enough, and you may need sunscreen. If storms or other natural disasters are in the area, you may have to take your trip at a later time.
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  2. 2
    Take a Good Map or GPS with You
    There is a chance that wherever you are headed, you could get lost. So make sure you have these devices with you to help you find your way.
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  3. 3
    Have a Person With You Who Can Help Take Turns Driving
    Lengthy trips can make you feel very sleepy. So take a break, and give someone else the wheel!
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  4. 4
    Pet-Friendly Lodging
    Before you plan a vacation that includes pets, you will have to make sure that they are allowed where you want to stay, or that you choose a place that allows pets.
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  5. 5
    Have enough money in the currency of the place you will visit
    Estimate how much you will need during your duration of stay.
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Tips, Tricks And Warnings

  • Making food to take with you ahead of time can save money and help prevent you from eating contaminated foods.
  • Be cautious with your money, credit cards, and other valuable items.
  • Keep your first aid kit handy.

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