Prolong the Lifespan of Cell-Phone Batteries

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One of the most common problems with most mobile devices these days is that the battery will run out after some time. Eventually, you will notice that no matter how long you charge it, it just gets discharged so easily. Also, there are times when your device just shuts off without any reason. In most cases, when you experience these, the problem has to do with the battery. Your device battery may have reached the end of its lifespan and it's about time for you to have it replaced. Otherwise, if you keep on using it, it may damage your entire device.

Measures to Prolong the lifespan of cellphone

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    Charge your device only when the battery is low
    If you keep on charging your phone even when it is still rather high or your device is not yet alerting you that you need to charge already, it will really disturb the charging cycles of your battery and damage it. Make sure that you wait until your battery is really low or even completely zero before you plug it.
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    Unplug your device as soon as it has fully charged
    As soon as you reach 100%, make sure you unplug your device right away. Keeping it soaked in electricity will damage your battery significantly, especially if you do this on a regular basis. It may help for you to set a timer so that you are alerted after a certain period of time since you started charging. You can observe at the first few rounds how long it usually takes your device to get fully charged. Set your timer based on that so that you won't forget that you are actually charging and you can unplug your device timely enough.
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    Drain your battery completely from time to time
    It is healthy to drain your device's battery from time to time and wait for a bit before you charge it again. This ensures that it goes through the full cycle of charging and not halfway through. You will notice that if you do this on a regular basis, your charging time becomes more regular and your battery life gets longer.
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