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"My feet are killing me!" The problem of aching feet is serious enough in the United Sates to keep foot specialists in business. Dr. Michael Coughlin, an orthopedic surgeon, made the shocking discovery that nearly all those operations he performed were on women! Why are women especially prone to foot problems?

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The most common reason women experience foot trouble is because of the high heel shoes they wear. We know when we are in the stores looking for a nice pair of dress shoes,and we just can't pass up a pretty pair of 4 inch high heels! Many women complain of back and leg pain while wearing these shoes. Did you ever see a woman go to work in high heel shoes and then see her on her lunch hour with sneakers on? I have! Let's face it, the narrow pointed toe shoes we try to cram our feet into hurt those poor little toes! These type of shoes can affect the muscles and tendons in our feet and can cause much pain. As we grow older, our feet change too. The padding on our feet at the bottom is a cushion to protect our feet. But when we get older, this cushion wears thinner, and you feel the bones more under your feet when you are walking, so it is not as comfortable.

Four Common Foot Problems

  • Bunions. A Bunion is a bump at the base of the big toe. When not hereditary, bunions may be caused by tight-fitting, or high-heeled shoes. Heat or ice can provide temporary relief of pain.
  • Hammertoes. Toes bent downwards may be caused by shoes that put too much pressure on the front of the foot. Surgery may be required to correct the deformity.
  • Corns. Cone-shaped bumps on the toes, caused by friction and pressure, sometimes result from wearing shoes that are too narrow. Home remedies may give temporary relief, but surgery is usually necessary to correct the deformed toes that cause friction.
  • Calluses. Layers of thick, dead skin, protect the foot from repetitive friction. Soaking in warm water and Epsom salts can soften them. But DO NOT attempt to cut them! This can cause infection.

How Can Women Prevent Foot Problems? Here are some ways:

Relieve Aching Feet

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    Wear a Comfortable Shoe
    You can find a nice looking pair of shoes with a lower heel.
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    Buy Cushioned Insoles
    By having more padding in your shoes your feet will feel more comfortable.
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    Buy the Proper Size Shoe
    Some women have the habit of trying to "squeeze" their foot into a shoe they really want. This just creates pain and soreness for your feet.
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    Get your Shoes Specially Made
    If you have trouble finding shoes to fit your feet properly, you can visit a shoemaker and have your shoes custom made so that they will fit you more comfortably.
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    Soak you feet in a tub of warm water
    Pour 1 cup of Epsom salts in. This will be very relaxing for your feet, and reduce inflammation.
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    Treat yourself to a foot massage
    Apply a soothing cool lotion and massage in gently.
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    Wear comfortable padded insoles as a cushion for your feet.
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Questions and Answers

Heel pain for the past 3 months?

Feel pain when ever I get up especially when I get up from bed

If you feel pain whenever you get up from bed, you have to check what could be the possible cause. It could be caused by the shoe you are wearing during daytime. If it is too tight or the heels are too high, it could cause pain on your heels. You also have to check your weight if it is still at your normal range. If you gained weight for the past months, it is possible that your feet are having a hard time adjusting with your new weight. It is also possible that this could be caused by some nerves. If it lasts for three months, you need to seek a medical advice because this could be a sign or symptom of a more serious ailment.

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