Prevent Chest Pain

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Chest pain is often associated with the heart and can be a frightening symptom. Although this discomfort may be a warning from your heart and must be handled correctly, there are many other causes of chest pain that are less serious and easier to treat. Knowing the different types of chest pain can help you make safer decisions and get faster relief.

Types of Chest Pain

  • Angina: Angina pectoris is a warning that the heart muscle is not getting enough oxygen. Anginal pain is a tightness, squeezing, or feeling of pressure over the front of the chest. It may also be felt up in the throat and jaws or down one or both arms. It usually comes on with exertion, stress, or overeating and lasts less than 15 minutes.
  • Heart Attack: Chest pain that is crushing, squeezing, or increasing in pressure may be a warning of heart attack, known as myocardial infarction. The pain is like angina, and may not be severe, but it continues for more than 15 minutes and is not eased with rest. It is often accompanied by nausea, sweating, dizziness, shortness of breath, and a feeling of doom or danger. The symptoms are caused by a completely blocked coronary artery that stops blood flow to a part of the heart muscle.
  • Heart Pain: Sharp pain from the heart may be caused by an infection in the outer lining (pericarditis) or inner lining (endocarditis). This often follows an infection in another part of the body. Palpitations can cause sudden, brief jabs of pain, usually in the left side of the chest.
  • Chest-Wall Pain: The chest wall includes skin, muscles, ligaments, ribs, and rib cartilage. Pain can be caused by infection, inflammation, bruises, stretching, coughing, or a deep breath may cause the pain to start or increase.
  • Non-Heart Pain: Anxiety is a common cause of chest pain. It may be a sharp jab or dull pressure and it is often located in the left chest area. Pain from hyperventilation (excessive rapid breathing) often causes or comes with anxiety.

There are many causes of chest pain, and prevention is not possible for all of them. However, good health habits decrease your risk of illness and improve your chances of quick and complete recovery.

How to Prevent Many Causes of Chest Pain

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    Maintain normal body weight.
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    Follow a low fat, well balanced diet.
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    Exercise regularly.
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    If you smoke, begin taking steps to kick the habit.
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    Have regular checkups to help detect any health problems early.
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    Learn about any chronic illness you have and follow your doctor's advice.
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    Stress and stress management should be a priority to learn.
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Pain from the Stomach or Esophagus May be Relieved by the Following

Heart burn.jpg
  • Eating smaller meals.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Avoiding foods and drugs that seem to trigger pain
  • Raising the head over your bed on four- to six-inch blocks and not eating for at least one hour before bedtime.
  • Taking antacids.

Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • To be serious, chest pain does not have to be severe.
  • Any angina means that the heart is in trouble.
  • Learn CPR.
  • Try to establish what may be causing your pain and avoid that activity or food.
  • If your chest-wall pain is from an injury treat with rest and ice.
  • If pain is from stress or hyperventilation, follow stress management techniques.


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