Prevent Car Accidents

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Tires squealing, glass shattering, and people screaming. These are some of the sounds that may be familiar to anyone who has been involved in a car accident. It is estimated that around 1.2 million persons are killed in road crashes each year. As many as 50 million have injuries. On some roads, the speed limit may seem too low for you to drive, but it you decide to go over that speed, you could cause an accident. What are some ways you can prevent a car accident?

Safety Tips That Can Help Prevent Car Accidents

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    Wear Your Seat Belt
    They are made to keep us safe. A government agency in the U.S. reported that they saved over 72,000 lives between 2005 and 2009 in that country. So make sure you buckle up, and tell other people with you to please do the same.
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    Have Good Tires
    If you have poor tread on them, they may slide all over the road and cause an accident. Traction is reduced on roads that are wet or those that are covered with dust and gravel. You should also invest in tires that have deeper tread for the winter.
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    Keep Your Car in Good Condition
    Brakes should be in good condition, and there should be plenty of tire pressure to improve handling and braking. Your headlights, turn signals, tail lights, and brake lights. need to be working properly too.
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    Be Visible
    If you drive a motorcycle, make sure others can see you by keeping your headlight. Motorcyclists should also wear a helmet and bright, thick clothing that will protect you. Drivers of motorcycles and automobiles should not linger in blind spots of other cars or semis.
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    Stay Alert
    Watch for road hazards ahead of you and behind. Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and others. Don't drive when you are sleepy! Get plenty of rest before you take a trip. If you feel tired, pull off to the side of the road.
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    Avoid Distractions
    Don't perform multiple tasks while driving. Talking on the phone or texting, eating or drinking, or getting distracted by the radio or other people in the car can all cause accidents.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Anger can affect driving habits, especially in case of road rage.
  • Keep Your speed down.
  • Drive smoothly. Frequent acceleration and braking can cause accidents, and can also waste fuel.

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