Preserve Christmas Lanterns for Next Year

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Christmas will never be complete without lanterns and so a lot of people really invest in these. However, some lanterns are also not cheap and what's bad is that when you keep them inside the storage for the entire year to wait for next Christmas, the moment you need them again, they're broken already or they look rather old and not presentable enough anymore.

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Keep Lanterns Looking New every year

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    Store it properly
    The way you store these types of items will make a lot of difference in the way it will look after some time. For example, if you place it in a storage area where a lot of sunlight comes through, there is a high likelihood that the color will fade and it will not look as attractive anymore a few months later. On the other hand, if you place it in a very enclosed space and not much air is coming through it, you may eventually notice that molds will form and it will damage the overall texture of your lanterns. It is best to store it in an area with room temperature. Inserting a few packs of silica gel in between will help keep the moisture level normal. Also, you may want to cover it with some fabrics and you can even use the typical dust bags used to store leather bags.
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    Do not let dust and dirt stay in it for a long time
    Since lanterns are meant to be displayed, they are very prone to capture lots of dirt and dust. Therefore, regular cleaning will help prolong its life span. You may not need to clean it every day but at least wipe it with moist fabric from time to time. This is also especially the case when you are about to store it already. Do not store it dirty. However, if you do wipe it with moist fabric, wait until it dries up before you put it into storage.
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    Take care of the details
    One of the most common mistakes in taking care of lanterns is that the smaller details are not handled properly. For example, if the lantern has frills or pendants, you need to handle that with care. When you store it, you have to make sure that those are separately stored if you can detach them.
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