Prepare Yourself when Applying for a Green Card

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What to Keep in Mind When Applying for a Green Card

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    Keep in mind that this takes a long process to do
    Just like any government procedure, you cannot expect to get results overnight. Everyone wants to get their green card the soonest possible time, whatever reason they may have. The government is aware of this and it does not mean that the government is just trying to make things difficult for you. However, there is a certain process that must be followed in order to make it fair for everyone lining up as well. The usual time to wait is not less than 3 months and it can even take years for some people. Therefore, before you even begin this process, make sure that you are aware and ready for this kind of wait.
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    Submit required documents, without any exception
    Just like any government paperwork that you need to do, this will involve several documents that you need to comply with. Since there are times that you have to prove your relationship to the petitioner, you may have to even provide some personal documents that will help establish that point. Failure to comply in the submission of these types of documents will usually hinder in getting approved. They would need these to be able to assess your case better.
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    Attend the interviews and other appointments on time
    As the application for a green card takes several steps, whenever you are called for an interview or any appointment, make sure you are able to comply. In case you miss them without proper notice, it may become more difficult for you to get another appointment and that will prolong the waiting time. If there are emergencies and you really can't make it, make sure that they are properly informed so they can assist you. Do not just disappear at the time of the appointment without communicating to them.
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    Get the assistance of a lawyer
    If you really need to be very sure about the process and you are clueless right now, the best option is to get a lawyer to help you through the process. He will be able to give you an advice on the next steps as well as the documents that you need to prepare.
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