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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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Positive and negative effects of honey and lime to the voice or vocal ability?

Honey and lime are among the best natural home remedies in improving a hoarse voice. However, excessive use of these natural remedies also have negative effects on the vocal quality. Below are some positive and negative effects of honey and lime to the voice:



1. Has a soothing effect to the throat. The thick consistency of the honey effectively coats and lubricate the throat and provide temporarily relief to the swollen throat tissues improving your scratchy voice.

2. Have antibacterial properties. Honey also have antibacterial properties which effectively reduces the bacterial infection in the throat allowing the vocal cords to heal.


1. Have antibacterial properties. The antibacterial compounds present in limes can effectively kill bacterial infection in the throat.

2. Clears throat from phlegm and helps liquefying thick mucus secretions in the throat.

3. Natural nasal decongestant. Citrus fruits effectively decongest blocked nasal passages allowing a person to breathe normally which effectively improves his singing voice.



1. Honey is acidic which if taken in excessive amounts can irritate the throat resulting to the hoarseness of voice.

2. Honey if it is not diluted and taken raw can impede the airway passages because of its thick consistency making you strain your voice.


1. Lime is also acidic. If it is not diluted, lime also irritate the throat resulting to swollen vocal cords and hoarseness of voice.

2. It also promote acid reflux if it is taken excessively. The acid content of lime greatly irritates the stomach making its acidic gastric contents to reflux which damages the vocal cords.

In general, honey and lime if taken moderately and properly diluted can effectively improve a person's singing voice, but if they are not properly diluted and they are taken in excessive amounts can negatively worsen a person's singing voice.

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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