Politely Decline a Letter of Request Formally

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Many of us find it difficult to say no. We find it difficult to refuse a request because we do not want to disappoint those who are asking us for something or asking for our help. But we cannot always say yes. There are times when the request is uncomfortable or we are certain that there is no way help or respond to that request. It is possible to politely decline a letter of request.


How to Decline a Letter of Request

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    Try to be positive about something in the letter of request or requested favor
    Yes, you will have to decline the request but you should be encouraging about the person making the request and his or her endeavor.
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    Say thank you for the request
    You should appreciate the fact that the one making the request had enough confidence in you to ask you for your assistance.
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    Provide your reason for refusing or declining the request
    Don't just make excuses. Give honest reasons for refusing.
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    Offer a suggestion or alternative that they may find helpful
    Since the person making the request came to you for help it is likely that you may be aware of alternatives or other individuals who can offer the help that is needed.
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Dear Mr. Bennett:

I like your research regarding charity fund raising. Your approach is most interesting.

It is a compliment that you find me able to write such a letter but I am sorry to inform you that I cannot supply the letter requested. I hate to say "No" to your request but I am no longer in possession of the letter format that was used by Blue Ribbon Company.

I would recommend that you contact the Human Resource of the company. I hope it will be of some help to you.

Sincerely, (Your name)

  • Remember that saying no does not need to be a negative experience. Politely refusing a request can strengthen your resolve and may open up opportunities for others to step up and do their part.

Questions and Answers

Hi Mr. Daniel, thank you for offering help. I would like to know how can I refuse politely the invitation to join community portal?

I am from the developer side, and I take care of facilities management. I just don't have time.

Honesty is almost always the best policy when dealing with other people. Declining invitations and requests is no exception to this rule. Simply let them know that your task of managing and overseeing facilities management requires 100% of your focus and commitment, and politely decline while recommending another individual.

If the person requesting is persistent, let them know that as much as you'd like to accept their invitation, you are not comfortable committing to things that you can not actively participate in. Furthermore, inform them that your responsibilities prevent you from actively participating in most extracurricular work activities, and list examples of things you aren't able to regularly attend, such as parties, events, and such.

Often, people managing such things work normal hours and are generally unaware of the burdens and after hours time investments jobs such as facilities management require.

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RN supervisor always emails me asking me to fill in for a vacant shift?

I normally, always say yes, but this time, I want to tell her that she always request me to fill the shift, and other RN either say no, or she doesn't ask them

Much like you, your supervisor has a limited amount of time to accomplish a number of tasks. Most likely she asks you because you're the one most likely to say yes to her, and it makes his or her job easier. Because of this, they rely on you more than the other RN.

Specifically, if the director were to downsize tomorrow, you would be least likely to go, because downsizing would mean even more shifts that needed to be picked up. Your supervisor already counts on you to help with that problem.

So, rather than create a problem by expressing your anger, instead politely let your supervisor know that you are always ready to help pick up extra shifts whenever possible. Unfortunately, in this case, you're unable to pick up this shift due to personal matters that you've put off over the last 3 or 4 weeks when you've picked up other shifts.

You can also follow up by suggesting that your supervisor pencil you in for another shift in the future, but this may lead to the cycle continuing and make it harder for you to break out. Also, start tracking the available shifts, and how many you have picked up over the course of the year. If your hospital is using an older system of handwritten shift logs, photograph them with your phone. If anyone asks, tell them you're tired of trying to always remember a changing shift, and looking at the photo just makes like so much easier.

Then, when you have your performance review, if it's at all negative, you can point out that you've picked up a significantly larger percentage of shifts than anyone else, which is the cause for any negative evaluation You will be able to make the case that it's unfair of you to be penalized when you're literally carrying the rest of the staff in terms of picking up extra shifts.

My organization is nonprofitable hence we ask for a donation to the organization that generates money. My organization was turned down by the same organization we asked for donation?

However, the same organization turn to us, asking for information to help them in their market research. Hence, my CEO told me not to provide them with the information. How can I say no to them in a polite manner?

The most simple response would be to inform them that, due to budget shortfalls due to a decrease in donations, you simply lack the manpower to assist them with their market research. Follow up by informing them that once donations pick up again, you will be happy to assist them in any capacity you are able to, and let them know where donations can be made.

However, a better solution would be for your CEO to contact their CEO, and inform them that he or she would like to strengthen the relationships between your two organizations, but that as non-profit, you simply don't have the resources to do that. Then, he could suggest that their company makes a donation, and you could, in turn, assist with the market research. The end result is that they get market research for less than they would otherwise pay, and your company receives a donation they would otherwise not have had.

As a fringe benefit, you are strengthening ties to other businesses in the company, and thinking of creative ways to make other people feel good about donating, rather than devoting time and energy to putting up walls to companies that don't donate to you.

How do I deny a request politely?

How do I turn down a request to increase the interest rate by my bank?

First, make sure you're talking to the manager in charge of making this decision. Sometimes you're dealing with a person who has been given instructions from their manager, or the main branch. If this is the case, you need to deal directly with the person making the decision.

In most cases, you won't have the option to turn down your bank's request to increase an interest rate on your loan or another account that you're paying interest on.

Your only real recourse, in this case, will be to shop around with other banks and discuss your options with them (while not mentioning your real reason for switching banks). Then you can inform your main bank that you've located competitive rates elsewhere (don't tell them where), and let them know that while you value your longstanding relationship with them, it's a business decision on your part. Let them know that if they can't either keep the existing rate or match the lower rate from a competing financial institution, that you'll need to move your accounts. Thank them for their time, make sure you collect financial statements from your existing accounts and move to a new bank if that's what you need to do.

How to decline a request in a written letter?

I want to turn down a request to host politely

To politely turn down a request, just be honest. Let the host know that you'd love to attend (even if that part isn't honest), and mention one or two things you were particularly looking forward to so that the host feels good about their event. Then, let them know why you won't be able to attend, and sincerely apologize. If it's a particularly sensitive or important relationship, suggest an alternate time, place, or event where you'd be willing and able to meet them. As an added gesture, you can also make a small gift of a bottle of wine, or some fresh fruit on the day of their event, further expressing your apologies and regret at not being able to attend.

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How to say NO to my colleague who is my partner in cooking?

My colleague and I are shared in cooking, but most of the time it is not possible for me to ask him to do something considering his seniority. I am thinking to do my cooking separately but I am afraid of our relations may get effected and at the same time I need to focus on some other things like calling at home and reading some books and some other things to relax myself. I would be thankful to you for your kind advice.

Be forthright with him but politely use an excuse. Possibly tell your colleague that you are researching healthier meal options and because this is new to you, it would be better for you to experiment yourself. There is nothing wrong with asking for his help even though he has seniority because the meal preparation is not work related.

During the conversation also mention that you need to practice stress relief exercises at home as part of your wellness overhaul. He will respect your honesty and the fact that you are trying to better yourself and your health.

How to respond to the customer's complaints and request, so that I will not offend them, and at the same time appease them with what the Company can offer?

Hi, I am working for a food catering company. I have a client who has made a complaint after we catered to her event.

The complaints are: 1) flower arrangements not up to their expectations 2) service staff attire was untidy 3) wine openers were not provided 4) tablecloth of cocktail tables with small holes

We have offered to reimburse the purchase of the wine openers and a 0 discount off their next order. This is about 12% of the cost of the above items. 'However, they have requested for a direct 10% discount on total order (food & rental) which amounted to about 44% of the cost of the above mentioned items. Customer finds that is a reasonable amount. However, this amount is far more than what we can give, as the sale was packaged with low profit margin, and we do not get a profit from our contractors on the cost of cocktail table rental/service staff arrangement. The main bulk of the total sale comes from the food order which has received good feedback.

I am at a fix on how to respond to the customer's request so that I will not offend them, and at the same time appease them with the discount that our company is able to offer.

Will you please help me with your kind advice.

Thank you!

Dear Customer,

We pride ourselves in running a package service for events and it is unfortunate that you have found that your recent event was not to your standards. At this time, I can only offer to reimburse the wine openers and offer a 0 discount off your next order because I was responsible for those items and the food. The initial request that you made can not be granted because you chose the lowest package deal which means that there was no profit on the linens, table and service staff. These are contracted services and if you wish to ask them for compensation, I have provided their contact information.


Your Name

Because you only do the catering and contract the rest of the services out, the business practice is that she should have to request compensation from the other contractors. If she took you to civil court, most likely the judge would tell her the same thing.


I received a letter from my boss in which I am authorized to perform clerical duties for administrative convenience with immediate effect due to a prolonged illness of one of the members of staff. Unfortunately, some of my workmates from my department are not pleased with the development. I feel their displeasure will affect the operations at our station.

It is not exactly a great idea to turn down the request. You can politely decline with the excuse that you are concerned that it will cause strife with fellow colleagues but honestly, the boss will not care and expect you to pitch in and cover the absence. The only good option you have would be to get together with the colleagues and work on a rotating schedule to share in the administrative duties so that everyone was participating and then propose that to your boss.

Offer a solution instead of turning down the position due to other's feelings. This tells your boss that you are not able to resolve conflict nor are you a good leader which even a secretary should show leadership.

How to write a letter denying warranty repairs?

A customer has sent me pictures of one of the trailers I sell and wants my approval to get repairs done at a repair shop but from the pictures he sent me you can tell he has abused his trailer and his issues are not related to manufacturing

Explain to the customer that it is unfortunate that he needs to repair the trailer, but the damages shown in the picture are from user abuse and not a manufacturing default. He may be unhappy but that is a standard warranty almost anywhere, and if he took you to court, he would lose. Do not mention the court part in the letter but send him one stating that after the formal review of the damage, it does not fall under the manufacturer warranty.===One of our honorees has requested a discount for the table and the full page ad. We cannot afford discounts. How can I politely tell him no?=== We are having an awards celebration and our tickets are only 100.00. Our expenses are invitations, Journal, Photographer, etc. In addition, this fundraiser is for our scholarships and our programs.

Explain to the honoree that you can not honor the discount because this is a non profit fundraising event. The table rental and full page ad go to the fundraising effort and you can't put a discount on the fundraising when every dollar counts for your scholarships and programs. The honoree should understand or they should not be an honoree.

What could be the subject of a letter when you do not have funds to support?

What would be the subject of the letter

Dear Their Name,

Your proposal was inspiring but at this time, I do not have the funds to support your venture. I know that your proposal will be successful so keep attempting to raise the funds. If I can in the future support your effort I will let you know. I also will mention your proposal to my colleagues and business relationships so that you may gain support.


Your Name

How can I say NO to my boss, he created new setup for me only on my annual vacation?

In our company, we have two-vacation setup 26 & 22 working days in my level all team should get 22 working days, but I only have 26 working days which means that I have to work 6 days in a week! For 22 days, they are working 5 days in a week. I have sent a request to my boss that, I need to be the same as any other team to get our right for 2 days off instead of one day off, but his answer that I will create new setup for you with 24 working days which it will be one week 2 days off and the other week one day off, I don't know why he creates this new setup for me only even HR they don't recommend this new setup! Please advise me on this, how can I convince him to get my rights.

Because you have shown this to HR and they are not backing the new proposal your only recourse is to contact local Labor Boards. They may be able to show you what is illegal about the proposal or what rights you actually do have. This way when you contact your boss and politely decline the secondary proposal you can cite actual labor laws for your region. If you are being signaled out it is because your boss feels that you are the most responsible or he is trying to oust you so tread lightly and back up your decline letter with actual laws.

I have to write an opening paragraph for my exam, could you please check it for me?

I'm writing to you with reference to Superbuys which you refitted last February. In the past few weeks, a number of faults have appeared in the electrical circuits and the flooring with have been particularly dangerous to our customers.

This letter is in reference to Superbuys which you refitted last February. In the past few weeks, a number of faults have appeared in the electrical circuits and the flooring which has been particularly dangerous to our customers.

Your opening sentence was good and the only corrections were slight grammatical errors. Watch your preposition tenses and comma placement.

How to regret not attending a school function?

I am invited to attend a school prize giving day but l am busy and l want to give polite reasons for my absence

Dear (Their Name),

Thank you for the consideration of inviting me to the school function. Unfortunately, due to a conflict in schedule, I will be unable to attend. It is with the deepest regret that I will miss this important event and I wish you all the success on the day!


Your Name

I am writing on behalf of my company expressing our inability to accept nomination for an awards ceremony on account of certain procedural issues?

We have been invited for nomination for Customer Service Excellence Awards. The contact person gave us very little time for submitting our nomination for the same. Would like to send a thank you letter politely declining the offer without sounding cynical or abrupt!!!!

In the letter, citing the reason for the procedural issue is important. Explain that your company finds the nomination a high honor but due to the procedural bylaws, you can't accept the nomination. Offer them felicitations on their upcoming event and in the closing thank them one last time for their consideration of your company nomination.

Will you answer my question now?

I am trying to write an email response to the customer, denying his request to get a new phone

In the letter of decline, you will want to mention the reasons that you have to decline the request. Give him options of full price phones and possibly a time frame of when he will be able to receive a new phone. If your company offers any other programs or services then it may help to give him one month free of a service plan upgrade item.

I want to deny to supply material, due to bad payment Experience and supply possible only with Letter of credit( LC) from bank?

I want to deny to supply material, due to bad payment experience and only possible supply is with Letter of credit (LC) from the bank. I have tried: My management is not ready to supply without LC. I think it was caused by: Last experience of payment was not good

Dear Customer,

We would love to supply you with our product but at this time, we have to formally request a Letter of Credit from your banking institution. There was an issue with the previous payment and in order for us to supply you will future products, it is in everyone's interest to request the from you.


Your Name

Need to reply to my client to say sorry for delay in providing the solution?

HOW TO WRITE A REPLY MAIL TO CLIENT ON BEHALF OF MY BOSS IF THE COMMITTED ACTIVITY IS NOT DONE. I have tried: He has given all the information to us but we have not responded.. I think it was caused by: Due to other commitment with other clients, but this I cannot say to him as reason

Dear Client,

Unfortunately, there will be a delay in your resolution request. We are working diligently on the matter now and will update you when we are finished.


Your Name

Keep the letter brief. You can come up with a few questions to make it sound like waiting for an answer is the delay if you feel that there needs to be a reason for the delay.

Please can you do the correction on my sentences if there are any mistakes?

This is to inform you that the percentage which is given on the Scotsman shipment's Invoice. Please note that the Customs they have rejected the percentage which is given on the Invoice. The reason why they were said that under their rules and regulations and under WTO (World Trade Organization) rules and regulations they could not accept that huge discount unless if Supplier proof to Customs that the percentage is being given to all their Customers. We tried to explain in different ways to convince to customs on this matter. Therefore, please let us know how we can go forward with this matter.

Dear Customer, This letter is to inform you that the percentage which is given on the Scotsman shipment's Invoice has been rejected by Customs. The reason for the refusal stated that under their rules and regulations and under WTO (World Trade Organization) rules and regulations they could not accept that huge discount unless the Supplier proved to Customs that the percentage is being given to all their Customers. We tried to explain in different ways to convince to customs on this matter. Therefore, please let us know how we can go forward with this matter. The matter of the percentage is out of our hands so let's work together to come up with an agreed upon solution.


Your Name

How do I write a letter to an attorney saying I don't feel comfortable signing the affidavit?

I have received a letter from an attorney asking me to sign an affidavit, how do I write the letter saying I'm not comfortable signing it? I want to write a letter to an attorney saying I do not feel comfortable signing an affidavit. I have tried: Dear XX,

I received the correspondence you sent me from the claimant's attorney. However, I do not feel comfortable signing it. I think it was caused by: I was in a Car accident where I was not at fault, the other party hired a lawyer and Now they are requesting my insurance company or myself to pay for medical bills of an accident I did not cause. My insurance company just sent me 2 affidavits coming from the other party lawyer. One is asking about my financials, the other one about the kind of coverage I had, which company, the liability limits of coverage for bodily injury. I need help writing a letter saying I do not feel comfortable signing it.

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How to write a Benevolence denial letter requesting rental assistance that does not meet our rules?

This person is unemployed and facing eviction and is in arrears on their rent. Regretfully, we are unable to approve this request. This situation is completely different from what is covered in the article. It definitely does not cover Benevolence Ministries.

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Saying no to a clients request to head hunt our employee?

Hi Timbuktu. . I have been tasked with writing a rejection email to one of clients who has expressed interest in head hunting one of our employees.how can I write this politely without ruining our business relationship?the client signed a contract with us which has a non-compete clause that forbids him from hiring our employees. My situation is unique because in my case the client is actually almost in breach of our non-compete clause,,,not the employee

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Hi, we have a customer asking for 5 year extra warranty on top of their standard warranty on our products?

Hi, we have a customer who has been tweeting that their failures for our products are very high (20%) and they worry that their product will cost them too much once the standard warranty period of five years is over. We are willing to look into their failures and help in every way until warranty term but extra five years warranty does not make any sense. What is the best and polite way to decline their request? Thank you so much!! The customer has a social media presence and just a standard decline would not sit well for our customer centric organization. Also, at the same time we do not want to sever ties with customer as they potentially will be making volume purchase in future as well. I have tried: We have advised the customer that we are investigating their failures, their claim of 20% is much higher than what we would expect from our products. I think it was caused by: Possibly too many perceived failures, their fear of having to spend too much on repairs once product goes out if warranty.

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How to politely decline a meething with a client because the CEO is not available?

Write an email to decline a request for a meeting with the CEO. The CEO will not be available until the next month as he will be traveling. *. I have been trying to write a formal letter for this but I cannot think of any. please help

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