Play the Trumpet with the Correct Embouchure

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Hi! You're watching VisiHow. In the previous video, we played intervals. This is a video tutorial series on how to play the trumpet. In this video tutorial, we're going to talk about the embouchure.


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    We will discuss what the embouchure is and its effectiveness while playing the trumpet. The embouchure is the use of the lips, tongue and teeth that affects the production of sound by controlling the airflow. When you blow through the mouthpiece, you form your lips to match the shape of the mouthpiece. Using this shape will move the air in a single narrow direction.
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    The embouchure allows the prevention of air from escaping from the sides of the mouth while playing the trumpet. As a result, a resonant sound will be produced; and you will be able to play for a longer time with your gained stamina and endurance, even hours with a good embouchure and breathing. Proper development of the embouchure will avoid pressing the mouthpiece against the lips and causing pain.
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    As an example, place your index finger in front of your mouth.
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    Buzz and try to focus the exhaled air on your finger. Imagine that you are blowing through a straw to hit a particular spot. If your breath is spread out, and you are able to hit all of your fingers, then your embouchure is not focused on a single point.
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    The correct embouchure ensures quality sound. If your exhale is airy, or your become tired, take a break. Like muscles, embouchure needs to be built over time. Work on focusing exhaling the air on a single point; after that, you can build endurance and embouchure, which helps play longer and higher too.
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Please make sure to view our next tutorial on how to Use Your Diaphragm for Playing the Trumpet. This was a tutorial on how to play the trumpet with the correct embouchure. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the space below. Thank you for watching VisiHow!

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