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How to Play Ultimate Frisbee

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Ultimate Frisbee is a fun sport in which two teams with seven players each compete to score points. It is similar to American football in that all scoring is done in the end zone. However, unlike football, there is to be no physical contact between opponents. Players with the disc may run to set up for catching and tossing the disc to a teammate as they attempt to cross the goal line in the end zone. Once a player has the disc, he cannot run with it. If the disc touches the ground due to a drop or interception, the opposing team takes possession. Just as in other sports, this is called a turnover.

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Just as in basketball, if a player touches the sideline, or catches the disc out of bounds, the opposing team gets possession of the disc. It is a great running-throwing sport for the camaraderie among players, the physical exercise, and the competitive nature of it. It is also great because the rules are easy to learn, and you just need a field and a Frisbee. None of the 14 players must invest much money at all to enjoy participating in this dynamic sport. You and your friends will be playing this in no time. You may even wish to form a league for Ultimate Frisbee. The game is also called disc ultimate, and is played by millions around the world. You can enjoy this sport, too! How to play Ultimate Frisbee with your friends will be given to you in simple steps below.

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    Steps on how to play Ultimate Frisbee
    1. Officially, the game is four quarters of 10 minutes each.
    2. Except at the professional level, the game is officiated by the players on the honor system. This is why it is called "ultimate".
    3. The official amateur international measurements of your playing field are: 120 by 40 yards (110 X 37 meters), with end zones that are 20 yards (18 meters) deep. It is in the shape of a rectangle.
    4. The defense is played with each player staying with an offense player as the offensive player tries to catch the disc. The defensive "marker" tries to block the toss, or ideally intercept the disc for turnover. This following tactic by the defensive player is called "marking" and is used to prevent the team with the disc from moving down the field for a score.
    5. Any contact will be a foul. If game play is affected by the foul, the play is to be done over. See the rules below.
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    Here are the international Ultimate Frisbee rules
    1. Starting of plays - Every point must start with each time of seven players lined up in front of their end zone line. The team that scores must then toss the disc to the other team. Tossing the disc is called "pulling" by Ultimate Frisbee players.
    2. Scoring - To score a team must complete a toss to a team member in the end zone at the opposite end of the field.
    3. How the disc is moved - The disc is moved toward the end zone goal line only from toss completions. Running is permitted except when you have the disc in your hand. The tosses to teammates can be in any direction within the bounds.
    4. A player must throw the disc within 10 seconds. The person on the defense guarding the disc thrower is to count to 10 out loud. If the thrower has the disc still in possession after the 10 seconds, he must give up the ball at that spot to the "marker" guarding him.
    5. Substitutions are allowed - Any player who is coming in for another player can only do so after his team has scored, or there is an injury timeout.
    6. No contact is allowed - Unlike basketball, no picks or screens are allowed by the offense. Physical contact is prohibited. Any contact will result in a foul. There are no referees except at the pro level, so the players must call them immediately upon occurrence.
    7. Turnover or change of possession - This is always an objective when the other team has the disc. The defensive team becomes the offensive team upon a turnover, or "change of possession". The change of possession occurs whenever there is:  
      1. An interception. This is when a player on the opposing team catches the disc.
      2. The disc goes out-of-bounds. This will be either stepping on the sideline, or beyond it.
      3. The disc is dropped to the ground. If a player drops it and catches the disc again before it hits the ground, possession is retained.
      4. Foul - A foul is to be called against a player when he makes any contact upon another opposing player.
    8. Fouls - When a player initiates contact on another player a foul occurs. When a foul disrupts possession, the play resumes as if the possession was retained. If the player committing the foul disagrees with the foul call, the play is redone.
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    9. Player officiating - All team players are accountable to referee their fouls and out-of-bounds infractions. All game disagreements must be settled by the players themselves before play resumes. Except at the professional level, there are no referees or umpires.
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Ultimate Frisbee mission - This is a very dynamic and competitive sport. Fair play is to be followed throughout an Ultimate Frisbee game. All players are to respect the game, other players and themselves during those 40 minutes of game time. Sportsmanship while competing is encouraged and honored. It doesn't take much money or great athleticism to enjoy Ultimate Frisbee. There is always a risk of injury in any active sport, but it is a much safer sport than most running sports. It is intrinsically a sport that can be competitive while being fun for all. It can also be played by fewer than seven per team. If you are in a wheel chair, but can toss that disc, just like in tennis, you can play this sport, too. It's a lot of fun while getting the needed exercise. You can make new friends while competing in this sport. Give it a try, and you may be hooked forever!

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