Play Ryse Son of Rome and Complete Chapter 5 to 8

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As per mentioned in the Previous article Play Ryse Son of Rome and Complete Chapter 1 to 4 that the Chapter 5 to 8 will be linked to the Chapter 1 to 4. Here are the rest of the chapters that you can follow in order for you to beat the game flawlessly.

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Chapter V

After the cut scene from Chapter IV, simply walk with your troops slowly going to the forest until you reach the wooden bridge. You and your troops will encounter a minotaur men which uses axe for as their main weapon, be careful with their attacks as they can greatly damage you and you need to perform the previous strategy to pay attention then roll away from his opening side then attack. You will also encounter enemies at the same time who are using dual blades, which can be easily killed by using focus to those enemies. You will also find there some enemies who are using shields to protect them from your attacks but can be killed by the usual combo you are following or pattern you have been doing to beat an enemy. Use the same pattern to these enemies, remember that they are harder to kill this time than the other enemies you have encountered previously. Once you killed them all, you see there a cut scene being played then move forward to the forest.

Once you are in the forest, you need to be careful of the traps that has been set by the enemies although these are not so lethal traps that can kill you instantly but it is best that you need to be careful as it can take half of your HP gauge. Once

you sense a trap that is about to burst, press "A" automatically as you continue to avoid getting hit and you will encounter horned enemies as well that must be dealt to proceed. As you move along, you will find some projectiles along the way and use them to those that you will encounter who will be using flaming arrows. You will see there a large rock for your cover to avoid getting hit but hit them first before you take cover from the big rock. Once you have passed this enemies,

you will another Minotaur looking enemies killing your men by burning them all alive and what not. You will find a cage of your men and use your projectiles to kill those enemies, as many as you can before going down for the cage as there will be another wave of enemies there and might add to their numbers and it will be harder to deal with.

Once you have beaten all those enemies that you encounter, go to the cage where your men got abducted and free them. Follow those men to head to the next camp where you will find another cage and enemies to kill as well. Once you have killed all the enemies, just go forward and use your Kinect again to shout "GET THOSE CAGES OPEN!" or if you do not feel shouting while playing the game, you can simply press and hold the LB to let your troops get the cages to be open

to free those men. Once the men are free, in the middle of the camp there ill be a flag and go get it and press the A button then select a specified area where you want to send your comrades that are specialized in archery. If you want them to attack archers as well then put them to the left side and if you want to let them attack the incoming enemies put them to the right hand side. You will encounter there a ballista again and hold it for the waves of enemies that are coming in.

After you completed the waves of enemies that you encounter, another flag will appear and take advantage to let your troops move through the ravine. Make a defensive position here with the shield you got as most enemies will fire arrows to hit you, press and hold the RT then release to let your men toss projectiles as well to the enemies then go forward from the path you are currently following. In the next area, you will find there a boss (GloTT) who is much tougher than other bosses you have encountered since focus is not applicable during this time and do not try to do focus as he will cancel it and it is a waste of time only. Just pay attention to his attack patterns as he will always attempt to do a two hits

attack then roll twice to avoid his attacks then he will do a flurry strikes as well. Once his gauge is less than 25% then kill on attacking him and also avoid the attacks. The 2nd stage of the fight would be the same but he will become aggressive this time and harder to dodge so pay attention and apply the same strategy. Once you beat him, it will be the end of Chapter V and the beginning of Chapter VI

Chapter VI

The first part of the chapter VI is like tower defense where you need to defend your base from the incoming enemies and to position your men to let them fire at the incoming enemies. You can choose from the two choices on how you can use your archers here, either to help you with the Barbarians or to fire on the siege towers to destroy catapults that will be firing directly to you. You can experiment of rely to which you preferred to help you with this fight and you can also use the scorpion ballistas to shoot the enemies (Archers) off the tower. Do not forget to shout "FIRE VOLLEY!" and to let the archers help you cover by simply yell the "Archers! Cover Me!" whenever you see the icon on screen for cover.

Remember that the barbarians will attempt to reach the top walls and keep on running in the sides of it to look for ladders that you need to kick them to prevent being invaded.Once the siege towers from the barbarians comes close, whack all of its bearings for you to destroy them. Repeat these steps and shout "Soldiers! Move out" once it is over or simply press and hold LB then kill those struggling enemies. Once

you move out with your men, you will find there some archers and a barbarian who is wearing bear fur, so kill him, he is a tough enemy so be careful getting hit. Use the same strategy as you applied upon fighting Glott from chapter V which you might encounter more of its type. Once you reached the burning docks, you need to lead Marius to the obstacles to the cart that is in colored yellow to go behind it to kick the ramp through the door. Once done, your people will be free, but still, you need to go through the fires from the building that is on fire.Once you have exited the place, go back to the cart previously then kick it back for you to use it again for you to climb to the post where some archers standing and for you to kill.

Once you are done, hop down and continue battling some few barbarians. Once you see the flag at the docks, use it for your troops formation then go forward and block the incoming arrows and toss your projectiles to kill them to move forward to reach the court house and to fight the waves of enemies you will encounter.

Once you reached the courtyard, you will need to meet with Vitallion outside from the courtyard house and he will lead you to the scorpion ballista. You will encounter here sole barbarians that you need to deal with them and to easily killing them all, use the explosive barrels to kill them all. Once you are done with them, go back to the courthouse once you get a prompt and once you reached the bridge, Marius will meet his final stand as he will be surrounded by enemies. Start killing them until he is inevitably defeated and end of chapter VI.

Chapter VII

In the start of the chapter VII you will find your self in a crowd. Just walkthrough the crowd and you will find there some vase and collectibles that can be destroyed to get some extra XP there. Once you reached the abandoned Colosseum, you

will encounter some enemies here that are Romans with shields to guard the emperor. These are not like the Barbarians who doesn't think about making strategy, they are wise and be careful upon fighting with these enemies. You need to land a couple of hits before you can beat them. Once you are done dealing with those enemies, go to the right side and you will find there a stair that you can use to climb on the wall and upon reaching the place you will encounter some enemies again and slaughter your way to the stairs.

Once you reached the stairs, you will see there a scorpion ballista and take control of it to kill the archers located in the garden portion. Once you are done with the Archers, just turn around and run down from the path to pass through the

garden where you will find more melee enemies that you need to fight. Once you are done killing those enemies, look for a gate that you can kick on to enter the next area of the garden. Look for the blue cloth hanging on an edge for you to climb where a short cut scene will be played of two men throwing dead bodies where you will pass by following the path.

Once you have entered the palace, you will find there two dead bodies that are being hanged. Pass through those dead bodies and go to the right side to enter the hall where a cut scene again will be played and as you followed the cut scene, you

will find yourself in the arena fighting three men. The first three enemies are totally easy as you can predict there attacks but they will keep on spawning so prepare for a bit long battle here and once you build your focus meter, it is best that you use it to speed up the battle.

Once you are done fighting with Romulus and Remus, you will see a cut scene receiving your entry from Basilus and Marius will kill him as well and a woman will be talking to you so pay attention and listen to it. Once the cutscene is over, you will find yourself in the Colosseum, pass through the other gladiators and you will find some projectiles along the way. Look for the stairs for you to go in the center stage to face some gladiators, it is a pretty straight forward this time as you

just need to survive while fighting in and pay attention to your surroundings as you will be fighting multiple enemies and not just 1, 2 or 3 enemies. Once you have slaughtered all the enemies, you will need to find your way to the aqueduct then use the spears to throw on to your enemies and look for a blue cloth for you to climb.After dealing all of those enemies, all of the gladiators fighting along side of you will turn its back and tries to kill you. You will now encounter Commudos and to the point he will call some gladiators that dress like him, use focus to kill them

easily. Commudos will poison you and wait for him to charge then press the "A" button to counter and let him do the rest. Once Marius feel fine, you need to fight him one on one and just do the killing stuff like when you first encounter him before he called those gladiators that dressed like him. Once done, it will bee the end of chapter VII

Chapter VIII

In the beginning of the chapter VIII, you will find yourself using a ballista where you need to keep on shooting the enemies to protect your comrades. Pay attention to those enemies as they are being marked as your objective. After using the ballista, you will then to fight using your sword now which you will fight it pretty straight forward as you need to keep on killing the enemies only then move forward to the building. Once you are inside the building, fight the enemies you will encounter to move forward, you can also find there some collectibles.

After getting the collectibles, move down to the alley then yell the "FIRE VOLLEY" or simply press and hold LB for the archers to fire to the enemies residing in the water. You can also use your own projectiles to kill those enemies faster once you are out in the water you will be dealing with war elephants and climb up to use the ballista to slay those big nasty creatures then chase down Boudica then fight him, note that the focus is no longer available at this time that you need to focus on his attacks and use the same method as before.

After killing Boudica, the story will go to present then some guards will jump towards you you and just do the killing stuff. Press the button that correspond to their color to kill them instantly. After following the event, it will be the end of game. You can repeat the game to earn more achievements.

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    Use up and down arrows to move your formation.
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    Hold the left mouse button to order the formation to aim the pila
    Release the button to throw it. The longer you hold the button, the more accurate the throw.
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    Hold the space bar to block incoming arrows.
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