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Part Three: Artifacts and Missions

We're On A Mission From Above...

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I'd love to insert a photo of the Blues Brothers here, but that will just have to wait for another guide (perhaps one on air guitar and impossible car stunts of the 80's). At any rate, this section focuses on Artifact Missions, which are essential and must be run if you are planning to use Artifact slots (and you definitely should be planning to do this). It also discusses the Tavern Missions, which are each different, and provide you with different things.

Following that discussion, we take a look at what missions are best to run, and when you should consider running them. For example, if running all of your Tavern missions depletes your troop count significantly, then it is likely not worth it to run them all in the day time (as you will be a sitting target). Instead, much better you run them in the evening, so that you can get the benefit of night time protection, and avoid many attackers who will be sleeping (minus the odd zombie here and there).

Artifacts You Can Find

It's Like Finding Change In Your Couch!

There are various Artifacts that can be found from completing the Daily Missions that are given in the Tavern. Each of these Artifacts has a lifespan (how long they will last), and an associated ability that will benefit your village. The total benefit is divided across all villages - meaning a single village will benefit to a much greater degree than a group of twenty villages. Additionally, each Artifact increases in power based on the rarity of the material being used. I will list those I know of now, and update them as other people comment here, or as I find them. :)

Artifact Types, Materials, and Bonuses

Goblet of Sirona

Wood: +2% Resource Production Stone: +4% Resource Production Bronze: +6% Resource Production Silver: +8% Resource Production Gold: +10% Resource Production

Hammer of Gobannus

Wood: -1% Building Resource Cost Stone: -2% Building Resource Cost Bronze: -3% Building Resource Cost Solver: -4% Building Resource Cost Gold: -5% Building Resource Cost

Shield of Esus

Wood: +4% Defense Bonus Stone: +8% Defense Bonus Bronze: +12% Defense Bonus Silver: +16% Defense Bonus Gold: +20% Defense Bonus

Sickle of Sucellus

Wood: -1% Rune Resource Cost Stone: -2% Rune Resource Cost Bronze: -3% Rune Resource Cost Silver: -4% Rune Resource Cost Gold: -5% Rune Resource Cost

Statue of Artio

Wood: -1% Recruiting Resource Cost Stone: -2% Recruiting Resource Cost Bronze: -3% Recruiting Resource Cost Silver: -4% Recruiting Resource Cost Gold: -5% Recruiting Resource Cost

Sword of Teutates

Wood: +2% Attack Strength Stone: +4% Attack Strength Bronze: +6% Attack Strength Silver: +8% Attack Strength Gold: +10% Attack Strength

Wheel of Epona

Wood: -1% Transit Time Stone: -2% Transit Time Bronze: -3% Transit Time Silver: -4% Transit Time Gold: -5% Transit Time

The power of Artifacts that you can find is determined by the mission you are completing and the level of your village. As your village grows in power, the chance you have to obtain a higher level Artifact (up to gold) increases, but the chance is still random. This means that if you had a village that was size 296 (max village size), you would have a chance to get a Gold Artifact, but you could also get anything less, even just wood, or nothing (sometimes I run all missions, and they all give me no Artifacts - or just wood). This keeps the Gold artifacts rare, and forces you to run Daily Missions if you want the associated bonuses.

Special thanks to Msciwoj The Great and Noble Ogre who have told me about the higher tiered artifacts I don't have yet (and I don't know why because I run so many missions!!). I can't wait for screenshots, and to find some myself. This is almost as good as shoes (almost). Thanks also to Judge Dredd who was "really picky" (his words, hehe) and making sure I had the correct maximum village sizes.

Artifact Patterns and Bonuses

Celtic Twister - Beards and Unwashed Men, mmm (not).

There are also patterns that give bonuses in addition to Artifact bonuses, so it is possible to get fairly significant bonuses if you have only one village. To qualify and grant the bonus, a pattern must be made up of all the same Artifact types, though the material does not matter (so three Goblets of Sirona of wood, stone, or any mix in a straight line would still give a pattern bonus of 2% for a Column or Row). If you combine two patterns, then you receive both bonuses (Square and L-Shape being two such possibilities). Knowing if you got a pattern correct is easy, because the pattern lights up green if it is correct, and red if it is not correct.

Artifact Patterns and Bonuses

0% Bonus from No Pattern: This is what you start with, and whether empty, or any combination that is not a pattern, you won't see results other than the base bonus for whichever Artifact you have slotted (+4% Resource Bonus for the Stone Goblet of Sirona shown).

2% Bonus from Column: This is basically a vertical line of three Artifacts, left, middle, or right.

2% Bonus from Row: This is basically a horizontal line of three Artifacts, top, middle, or bottom.

4% Bonus from Square: As the name would indicate, this is just a square pattern of four Artifacts.

6% Bonus from Cross: This is either a cross or a plus sign, at your option. It is a pattern of one vertical and one horizontal like across the middle of each plane, and consists of five Artifacts.

6% Bonus from L-Shape: One vertical line and one horizontal line, consisting of five total Artifacts, making the shape of... you guessed it, the letter 'L'.

9% Bonus for a Rectangle: This one is for the Geometry experts. Three Artifacts long, two Artifacts deep, for a total of six Artifacts. Tune in next week for Trig...

12% Bonus for Open Ring: Yes - it is an oxymoron (I thought a ring was a closed circle, but what do I know?). This might better be called the 'You' shape, unless it was on the side, and then it might be the 'C' shape, unless of course it was upside down, and then... Argh! It is a total of seven lovely Artifacts (ah, ah, ah says the Count from Sesame Street), and it makes a whatever you want to call it shape that could be construed as a 'You' if you look at it from a particular angle (and dang it, when I post a photo here, it will DEFINITELY be a 'You'!).

16% Bonus for Ring: So, no real explanation needed for this one. Eight total Artifacts, missing only the one in the center, and we can all agree it is a ring. Hey! Are you two fighting over whether it is a zero or an 'O'? *smack*

20% Bonus for Complete: If lining up the Artifacts was a game, this is the part where you win. To be honest, it was a let down when I discovered that the maximum bonus was for doing the most basic thing (putting all of the same type of object in the holes). Unfortunately, I think Indiana Jones is still trying to figure this one out.

Artifacts are only with you for a limited time, and then they go away. Pay attention to the time remaining on your equipped Artifacts, and make sure you don't end up having some expire without noticing it (easier to do than you might think). If they expire, the bonuses expire with them until you equip a complete pattern again. By the way, that last one is really called 'Complete'. I didn't make that up. It's actually part of the Celtic Tribes Game. Special thanks to Taliesin of S.A.S. for his contribution.

Artifact Missions

Looking for The One Ring?

There are a wide variety of Artifact Missions, and they change every day. I will list each of them as I find them, and publish the specific requirements and rewards for each as well. This list will be listed alphabetically, because it is just easier for me that way. :)

Demand a Prophecy of the Druids

Troops Required: 10 Slingers / 10 Spearmen Resources Required: 30 Wood / 30 Clay / 60 Ore Time Required: 5 Hours 45 Minutes Resources Gained: 200-400 Wood / 250-500 Clay / 300-600 Ore Troops Lost: None Possible Artifacts: Goblet, Hammer, Shield, Sickle, Sword

Hunt For Deer

Troops Required: 12 Slingers Resources Required: None Time Required: 1 Hour 0 Minutes Resources Gained: 20-40 Wood / 15-30 Clay / 25-50 Ore Troops Lost: None Possible Artifacts: Goblet, Shield

Mine Copper

Troops Required: 8 Slingers Resources Required: None Time Required: 0 Hours 30 Minutes Resources Gained: 35-70 Ore Troops Lost: None Possible Artifacts: Goblet, Shield

Patrol the Forest

Troops Required: 130 Slingers / 70 Axemen / 130 Lancers Resources Required: None Time Required: 20 Hour 0 Minutes Resources Gained: 2240-2800 Wood / 2240-2800 Clay / 2240-2800 Ore Troops Lost: 0-6 Slingers / 0-3 Axemen / 0-6 Lancers Possible Artifacts: UNKNOWN

Raise Wages

Troops Required: 20 Spearmen / 10 Lancers Resources Required: 30 Wood / 30 Clay / 30 Ore Time Required: 5 Hour 45 Minutes Resources Gained: 240-400 Wood / 240-400 Clay / 240-400 Ore Troops Lost: None Possible Artifacts: UNKNOWN

Tavern Missions

The First Seven Pints

This is a listing of the first seven Tavern Missions, their requirements, and the rewards. I've put it in terms of drinking, because I know a few of you boys can't hold your liquor like us ladies can, so we'll just put it to a contest. :)

Once you get enough villages - I believe it is eight, but it might be six, you will have a small icon in the upper right hand corner of your tavern mission page that lets you switch to all of your villages at once - so you can do them all with just one click. As you gain the ability to do more missions on a given village, or as you capture new villages and build troops for missions, you will need to select the missions and check off the new village on the menu that small icon opens. Good luck, and thanks Dailang for pointing out that I overlooked this (silly Nikki!).

Cut Trees

Troops Required: 8 Slingers Resources Required: None Time Required: 0 Hours 10 Minutes Resources Gained: 10-20 Wood Troops Lost: None

Mine Clay

Troops Required: 8 Slingers Resources Required: None Time Required: 0 Hours 10 Minutes Resources Gained: 10-20 Clay Troops Lost: None

Mine Ore

Troops Required: 8 Slingers Resources Required: None Time Required: 0 Hours 10 Minutes Resources Gained: 10-20 Ore Troops Lost: None

Sacrifice for Abnoba

Troops Required: 10 Slingers / 10 Spearmen Resources Required: 15 Wood / 15 Clay / 15 Ore Time Required: 0 Hours 30 Minutes Resources Gained: 25-50 Wood / 25-50 Clay / 25-50 Ore Troops Lost: None

Hunt Wild Boars

Troops Required: 10 Spearmen / 10 Lancers Resources Required: None Time Required: 0 Hours 45 Minutes Resources Gained: 40-80 Wood / 40-80 Clay / 40-80 Ore Troops Lost: None

Cure Sick Mine Workers

Troops Required: 40 Spearmen Resources Required: 30 Wood / 30 Clay / 30 Ore Time Required: 1 Hour 0 Minutes Resources Gained: 90-150 Wood / 90-150 Clay / 90-150 Ore Troops Lost: None

Escort Druids

Troops Required: 30 Slingers / 30 Archers / 30 Spearmen Resources Required: None Time Required: 2 Hours 0 Minutes Resources Gained: 154-220 Wood / 154-220 Clay / 154-220 Ore Troops Lost: None

Tavern Missions

The Last Seven Pints

If you made it past the first seven drinks, this is where we get serious and break out the Moonshine! Have a look at these tavern missions, and consider whether you'll be sleeping under the table, or just out the front door, as these drinks pack way more of a kick than the first seven!

Hold a Village Festival

Troops Required: 45 Slingers / 45 Archers Resources Required: 225 Wood / 225 Clay / 225 Ore Time Required: 3 Hours 0 Minutes Resources Gained: 406-625 Wood / 406-625 Clay / 406-625 Ore Troops Lost: None

Steal a Horse from the Neighboring Village

Troops Required: 40 Slingers / 20 Axemen / 40 Lancers Resources Required: None Time Required: 3 Hours 30 Minutes Resources Gained: 945-1350 Wood Troops Lost: None

Gather Mistletoes

Troops Required: 20 Archers / 20 Spearmen / 10 Axemen Resources Required: None Time Required: 2 Hours 0 Minutes Resources Gained: 600-800 Clay Troops Lost: None

Celtic Ham

Troops Required: 60 Spearmen / 20 Axemen / 45 Lancers / 10 War Chariots Resources Required: None Time Required: 4 Hours 0 Minutes Resources Gained: 1350-1800 Ore Troops Lost: None

Dye Fabrics

Troops Required: 50 Slingers / 50 Archers / 75 Spearmen / 25 Axemen Resources Required: None Time Required: 6 Hours 0 Minutes Resources Gained: 850-1000 Wood / 850-1000 Clay / 850-1000 Ore Troops Lost: None

Decorate the Village

Troops Required: 50 Slingers / 100 Spearmen / 75 Lancers / 25 War Chariots Resources Required: 400 Wood / 400 Clay / 400 Ore Time Required: 8 Hours 0 Minutes Resources Gained: 1600-2000 Wood / 1600-2000 Clay / 1600-2000 Ore Troops Lost: None

Produce Torcs

Troops Required: 150 Archers / 50 Axemen / 100 Lancers / 50 War Chariots Resources Required: 500 Wood / 500 Clay / 500 Ore Time Required: 10 Hours 0 Minutes Resources Gained: 2430-2700 Wood / 2430-2700 Clay / 2430-2700 Ore Troops Lost: None

Tavern Mission Strategies

How To Hold Your Liquor

So, you're wondering how to keep up with me now, aye? Well, it isn't that hard as long as you just do the math. I know, drank a wee bit much did you? Those pesky numbers just won't line up huh? Here, let me help you with a little advice then...

First, the longest Tavern Mission takes ten hours to complete. This means that you can wake up in the morning, do all of your tavern missions, and then come home in the evening and do them all again. Just like that, with four hours of mistake room if you get stuck in traffic or a meeting (but we all know you are reading this guide "and" playing the game from your board room, so everything is fine, no need to worry about those other four hours. The thing you do need to consider is that your maximum population is 9,999 villagers, and if you elect to run all of these tavern missions and also keep enough spare troops to run the most challenging Artifact Missions, you will need to allocate more than 18% of your population to this task.

While 15% may seem like a lot, consider these numbers:

Total Troops Required for All Tavern Missions

Slingers: 249 Archers: 295 Spearmen: 345 Axemen: 125 Lancers: 270 (Count 540 because 1 Lancer = 2 Villagers) War Chariots: 85 (Count 170 because 1 War Chariot = 2 Villagers)

This comes to a total of 1,724 Villagers you will need to assign to Tavern Missions. The obvious question would be why in the world would you ever do such a thing? Well... it boils down to whether you plan to grow fast, or you plan to sit around and grow slow. If you are awesome (like me), then you will have realized early on that the fastest way to grow in game is a combination of Resource Farming (hate it!), Village Resource Production (takes forever to get built), and Tavern Missions (relatively fast - let's do this!). So, just how fast does it allow you to grow, you ask, my darlings? Combined with maximum Resource Production and a maximum level Chief House, you can easily produce almost 1,500 silver every 24 hours. That means you could, in theory, take a new village every single day. Here are the total numbers for resources you will gain from all missions run once in a ten hour period (in parenthesis is what you will get if you do this twice per day - and this does not count Artifact Missions).

Wood: 6,788 (13,576) Clay: 6,340 (12,680) Ore: 7,215 (14,430)

Think about that for a minute. Those numbers, if run twice a day, plus max Resource Production, will give you about 75,000 resources per day - that is with "zero Resource Farming. That is 1,500 silver - every day. So, when you wonder how some of the top players are getting to the top so fast and building troops so fast... our secret weapon is the Tavern. Now that you're armed with this knowledge, let's see how fast you can grow (and start asking your Alliance why your top growth players haven't shared this gem with you!).

Mission Impossible

Your Mission... Should You Choose To Accept It...

You don't have to log in or create an account to leave comments! Thanks, Nikki :)

... Is to post any extra thoughts or ideas you might have below, so that I can add them to the guide above! If not, don't say I didn't warn you about your village self destructing in five minutes. As always, take care, and if I don't answer you right away, it must be because I am trying to list all of the missions I can find in the Celtic Tribes Game.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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