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Civilization is the best phenomenon that modern humans have been enjoying right now. Civilization had occurred sine ancient times, perhaps, thousands of years ago. Some parts of the world already have their own civilization.

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Egypt is called The Cradle of Civilization where education, government, arts and literature were first started. The country had a lot of knowledge about modernity, long before other countries knew modern and science civilization. Do you want to witness yourself how Egypt is modernized? Do you want to know why it is considered one of the first civilized countries in the world? If so, you may want to go to the said country and explore everything there. In this page, you will be able to know how to plan and enjoy your first ever Egypt getaway.

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Steps on How to Have a Hassle-Free Trip to Egypt

  1. 1
    Be sure that you have prepared all the necessary papers and documents for your visa
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    If you are going on a vacation to Egypt, be sure to check the validity date or period of your passport first. Make sure that it is still valid to avoid some hassles before or during your trip.
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    Check the calendar
    If you like to visit Egypt in a cool month, you may want to book your flight anytime from October to May. These months are also the peak season for tourists, which the air fare and the accommodation charge are a lot higher. If you do not like a crowded place when on a vacation, you may want to book your flight before September, and visit Egypt from September to Early October. These months are off-peak season.
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    Choose a travel agent
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    While it could be fun discovering and exploring Egypt independently, it may be better if you book a tour package, so that you may not have any problems when you get there. The package usually includes everything for your convenience, from flight booking, hotel accommodation and tour services. These are all planned for you, if you come to the country. You will know where you may stay and tour some scenic spots. But, if you wish to travel alone without the help of a travel agent, provide your friends and family your itinerary, so they may be able to know your whereabouts in case unavoidable circumstances happen.
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    Fly safely
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    You should always prioritize your safety, and choose renowned major airlines. This way, you will fly on a plane safely. You don't want any hassles during your trip, like delays, which often happens in small airlines. The available flights in renowned airlines are a little costlier, but you would be assured of safer flights.
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    Commute in Egypt to explore the places
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    You might be tempted to rent a car when you are in Egypt. Travel agents usually recommend commuting when traveling in Egypt, because you could make use of their public transportation. In addition to that, the fare is cheaper. In fact, car rentals are very expensive in the country, while the public transportation fee is very affordable, so you may want to try them out when you get there. It seems fun, as well. The transport system there is also reliable. Besides, you would like to experience how it is being in Egypt, so commuting, like most people do in most countries, may be a good first-hand experience for you.
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    Get a shot
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    Make sure that you get yourself protected against diseases, before you fly to Egypt. There are some recommended shots or vaccines that a person should get before going to a certain country. Polio, Hepatitis, Tetanus or Typhoid vaccines are examples of the recommended shots. It is better that you ask a doctor about them, so you will be given the right vaccine. You should carry with you your medications for travelers' diarrhea. These medications are usually prescription drugs.
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Tips & Reminders

  • Be sure not to travel to Egypt during Muslim holidays, like the Ramadan. There are certain restrictions which may affect your travel plans for leisure, so again check your calendar first before booking.
  • Bring adequate amount of money when you travel, because there may be some unexpected expenses that you have to spend money on, such as shopping for souvenirs, etc.
  • Do not forget to bring a first aid kit in case of emergency. However, some airlines do not permit you to bring certain medications. It is better to ask your preferred airline about the list of allowable first aid kits to bring with you.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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