Plan a Good Office Christmas Party

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It's holiday season once again and Christmas is in the air. Houses and offices are filled with Christmas cheer and you can hear Christmas carols almost everywhere. Speaking of Christmas, what else keeps people busy during this time of the year? Yes, Christmas parties. If you are given the task to organize a Christmas party in your office, here are some suggestions to help you.

Planning the Office Christmas Party

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    Get Everyone's Opinion
    It pays to know what everyone in the office wants for this year's Christmas party. There might be some things they did not enjoy during the previous party, and that can't happen again this year. Everyone's opinion counts, so eliminate what could bore your office-mates and introduce fresh ideas. Besides it is a party and a time for you and your office-mates to socialize and relax.
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    Decide on the Budget
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    It will be hard to plan a party if you don't have an idea how much of a budget you have to work with. The budget you had last year may not be applicable this year. Knowing the budget ahead of time will help you determine where the party will be conducted and what other activities can be added. Avail of discounts and company promos if possible.
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    Set up a Theme for This Year's Party
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    To add some fun to the party, set up a theme for this year. If you went Hawaiian last year, then you may want to go retro this year. Changing the theme will give each year a new and different flavor.
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    Make a List of Possible Venues
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    Although you could just have the party in the office, wouldn't it be more fun if you conducted it outside your workplace? If your budget allows, research nice, yet affordable places for the party. Again you can ask your office-mates or check out the web for other suggestions. Visiting the places before the party can help you ensure that everything will be working well during the party. You don't want to ruin the gathering with a malfunctioning light or a bathroom that does not work. Make sure you do this months in advance, as it will be harder to find available space, the closer you get to the date. That's why people have parties so early - there's nothing available.
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    Decide on party activities
    It should be a fun party that will be memorable for everyone. Choose what games to play during the party.  
    1. Should it be a dance party with a DJ, or should you hire a band?
    2. What kind of music?
    3. Select a funny host or MC with a great sense of humour.
    4. Does your workplace or office have CCTV cameras? If so, perhaps you could get a hold of some of the video footage, and edit some video bloopers on funny happenings inside the workplace and show the edited bloopers video show while everyone is eating. Although this could be really fun, you have to be very careful not to embarrass or humiliate anyone.
    5. Will there be gift giving or exchange of gifts. Instead of gifts, you could organize a fundraiser for the homeless, the hungry or other humanitarian foundations.
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Getting Ready for The Office Christmas Party

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    Delegate Tasks
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    Even if you were given the task to plan the party, you just can't have all the responsibilities on your shoulders. You may want to create different kinds of committees that will help you make the event a success. Assign a group that will be responsible for the decorations, games, refreshments, etc.
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    Ensure Everyone's Safety After the Party
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    When you party, expect that some will be getting drunk, so it would be nice if you could arrange a transportation service that will drop your drunk employees/workmates off at home. Be sure that everyone is safe during and after the party. You may also want to arrange a night's stay in an affordable hotel or inn near the party place for employees who can't make it home after the party due to drunkenness or some other reason.
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Planning a party can be very stress-free if everyone is willing to work with you.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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