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Having a good relationship with your in-laws could be considered a must. When you get married, you should not only keep the love and harmony with your spouse, but with your in-laws as well. Keeping a good relationship with them creates good family bonding, which could be very good for the children. When kids grow up in a home where everyone is on good terms, this teaches them to value family relationships which they can use when they, in the future, build their own.

While you can always pay a visit to your in-laws, special days can even make your plan more special. Christmas is only a few weeks away. This could be the right time to visit your in-laws, not only to show some gratitude for accepting you as a part of their family, but this could also a perfect time to patch things up for soured relationships.

Plan that visit now and renew your relationship with them.

How to Enjoy Holiday Visit with In-Laws

  1. 1
    Inform Them Ahead of Time
    Surprises can be fun, but usually not for surprise Christmas visits. If you are planning to visit your in-laws this holiday season, it would be better to inform them ahead of time. Christmas is a special day so they might already have their own plans.
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    Have a Clear Time Frame of Stay
    So your in-laws can prepare, you have to tell them some other plans you have during the visit. If you are staying a night or two, they need to know. What if they too are expecting other company? If there would not be enough space for your family and your in-laws, there are nearby hotels where you can stay while on a visit.
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    Prepare Presents
    You don't need to spend too much for gifts. If they have always liked your homemade pastries then bring some for them or better yet, bake with them and teach them how to. This could be a good bonding time with an in-law.
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    Plan Some Activities
    You may want to suggest some activities that you all can enjoy together. If they don't feel like doing it, then don't feel bad. Moreover, ask them what they want to do. Remember this is not the time to air resentment.
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    Treat Your In-laws Well
    Always live by the Golden Rule. Treat your in-laws the way you want your spouse treat your family.
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    Including Your Own Family
    If your spouse's family and yours get along well together, it will be a perfect idea to invite them as well. The more, the merrier! This will also make the ties between the two families stronger. Who doesn't want that anyway?
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Just to Remind You

  • There are two sets of in-laws - that of the man and that of the woman. So that everybody will be happy, plan out your in law visits so one set of in laws will be visit on Christmas and the other set, in the New Year. This is for in-laws who live far apart. But if the in-laws just live within a few miles radius of one another, you can make an arrangement wherein one party will be visited on Christmas Eve and the other one will have their turn on Christmas day, perhaps for lunch or dinner.

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