Plan a Christmas Caroling Event

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A Christmas caroling party is a great way to have fun with friends and family, while spreading some goodwill and Christmas cheer. Sadly, it used to be a popular tradition, but now, not enough people take the time to go caroling.

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A caroling party can be lots of fun, and not only will you bring some joy to people whose Christmas may not be busy with friends and family, but it will make you feel good as you celebrate the holiday spirit. To make sure your party is a huge success, here are some helpful suggestions.

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How to Plan Your Christmas Caroling Party

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    Choose the party and caroling locations
    Start planning by choosing the party and caroling locations. You need a location where everyone can meet before you go out caroling and everyone can come back to that location for food and fun after the caroling. Consider having everyone to your home, renting a nice party hall or holding it in a recreation room or hall at church.
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    Choose the neighborhood
    Plan where you're going to go caroling ahead of time. Consider going to a homeless shelter, a hospital or a nursing home, whether or not the weather is bad. These are the people who most desperately need to be filled with the spirit of Christmas. For some - it's the most magical time of the year, and for others, the most depressing. You might want to travel in several vehicles if there aren't any of these facilities nearby. It's important to try carol for individuals in need, and those who may be housebound. Yet, the reality is, anyone would welcome carolers to their home, as it can only bring cheer and warm people's hearts when they listen to the beautiful carols of the season.
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    Make a guest list and send out invitations
    Now it's time to make your guest list and then send out invitations for your Christmas caroling party. Make sure you choose a date that will work well for the individuals on your list. Usually it is best to plan to start the party between 6 and 7 p.m., so you get out to do the caroling before it's too late. Send out pre-made invitations or homemade invitations, and be sure to include all the pertinent party information on the invitations (who, what, when, where, why).
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    Decide on the Christmas carols
    It's a good idea to choose the Christmas carols you want to perform before the party. This way you can put together some caroling books with the music to the songs you want to perform. Make sure you use Christmas songs that are well known, so that other people can join in with you if they want to. Choose songs that your guests are familiar with as well. While it's nice to have a few serious carols in the mix, keep most of them upbeat and light.
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    Take small gifts for the people you perform for
    Taking small gifts is a wonderful idea. If you're heading to the homes of elderly friends, take some plates of Christmas baked goods to cheer them up. However, if you are caroling at a hospital or nursing home, be sure to find out what kind of gifts will be appropriate before you give out gifts, since some patients may have dietary restrictions. Even a Christmas card makes a great gift that will make someone lonely, feel special.
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    Plan food and fun .After the caroling, plan food and fun for all of your guests after the caroling is over
    After everyone has been out caroling in the cold, hot chocolate, cappuccino, coffee, mulled cider and other hot drinks are sure to help everyone warm up.
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    It's also nice to serve up Christmas cookies, chips and dip, brownies and other goodies for everyone to enjoy
    Consider asking each guest to bring something for the party so you don't have to do all the work yourself. You can also plan some fun games to play as you enjoy the great food and fellowship.
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Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure everyone is dressed for the weather. A fun night out can quickly turn to a miserable time if you're too cold.
  • Maybe you can ask your invited friends if they have cloaks, or other period clothing, just to make it more fun. (long wool skirts, hats, big scarves, muffs, etc.)
  • You might want to plan a rehearsal a few days before you go caroling.
  • If there is an amazing singer among you, showcase their talent with a solo.
  • Make sure you invite someone good with harmonies, and let them organize your group into vocal ranges (base, baritone, alto, soprano).

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