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Fundraising is an activity that any person can plan and implement. It is a means to an end and not the other way around. Before you go and plan a fundraiser, make sure that you know the reason why the fundraising is necessary. The mission and vision should be stated and understood clearly enough that the only way to fulfill the mission is to acquire additional funding sources.

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Civic welfare organizations usually perform fundraising often enough that they are aware of the the ins-and-outs of this process. This is also an activity that non-government organizations may use to fulfill a specific program's objectives.

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What are different types of advocacy campaigns that fund raising can help?

Disaster Relief Operations

When faced with nature's wrath, man is powerless. All he can do is take precautions, and try to be brave until it passes. The most challenging part for any man who has survived a natural calamity is to rebuild and reconnect. It is at the rebuilding part that related government entities, as well as non-government organizations, can help. If there are no funds available, or the related organization is unprepared, a seasonal fund raising event may be planned and implemented. The event will also provide opportunities for individuals who wish to help but have no way of getting in touch with institutions that undertake this endeavor.

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Health and Financial Assistance for the Underprivileged

The underprivileged are the poor and the homeless. The need for raising funds may be due to insufficient funds. Though a country's government may have allocated budget for this, it doesn't mean that it will suffice to support the entire underprivileged population. There is a need to reach out and ask from the public who can share their resources.

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Funding a Public Facility's Construction or Reconstruction

Dilapidated buildings like schools, municipal halls, day care centers, public satellite clinics, and public comfort rooms are examples of facilities that may need help. Lack of local government support or funding may render a public school with insufficient resources for the students. This can be alleviated with money collected from a fund raising event. A town that recently sustained typhoon, earthquake or tsunami damage will be needing all the help they can find to get everything back in order again.

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Budget allocation for specialists or professionals for the disabled, the sick, the old and mentally challenged

One of the most neglected groups in society are the sick, old, disabled and mentally challenged individuals. Most of the time, they lack support from their own families and assistance from the local government. It is this particular issue that non-government organizations can help.

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What are Fundraising Activities?

Fundraising activities are planned events from which proceeds go to helping a person, organization, or cause needing financial assistance. Such events usually target public awareness first. This is because when the public is fully aware of a fundraising activity it is often more successful. The following are some options for fundraising events that you can plan.

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  1. 1
    January -- Garage and Yard Sales
    After the holidays, many people have received gifts like new items either for their own use or for the house. They may need to dispose of old items to minimize clutter at home. This may be especially true if there is no allocated place for storage available. The left over items from yard sales are usually donated. Any items that are donated are then resold which raises the funds. These types of sales can be held at a spacious parking lot or a private property, like someone's yard. The potential buyers will typically be the neighbors and the passersby, although signs and ads in the local newspaper or online could bring in more business.
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  2. 2
    February -- Love Themed Events
    Events such as kissing booths, Valentine's Day dances, raffles for a Romantic date, bachelor or bachelorette auctions are all viable themes during the month of February. Organizations that are involved in raising funds for heart ailments often hold their events during this particular month. Funds are usually collect by selling tickets to balls or by the 'auction' price for a date with a certain bachelor or bachelorette. Valentine's Day dances can also be costumed, and part of the program could included a 'find-a-match' for paper hearts that have been cut into two pieces and handed out at random ahead of time.
    Kissing Booth.jpg
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  3. 3
    March -- Fun Run
    Sports enthusiasts can hold their fundraisers using this theme. Participants are usually required to pay a registration fee. Depending on the theme of the event, it is common to learn that most of the fun runs do not indicate an age limit to encourage more participants. It can be held on a track or along a planned route within the community. Since this is a running event, make sure that there is a common place where people can gather for the award ceremonies. Finger foods can be prepared and displayed on a table for selling. Pies, sandwiches and hotdog stands are ideal for this kind of event. If you are able to get a water or beverage sponsor, their products can be served to compliment the food.
    Fun Run.jpg
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  4. 4
    April -- Easter Egg Hunt Fund raising Event
    During Easter season, children enter a specific area, usually a yard or a park. Event coordinators take care of hiding eggs in the facility and provide a small token to whomever gets a golden egg. Money is raised from charging participants a minimal fee for participation and entrance to the area.
    Easter Egg Hunt.jpg
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  5. 5
    May -- Flower Power or Healthiest Crop
    Country folks can hold this event annually. The same principle of paid registration for participants is implemented. This event is usually mutually beneficial - for the fund raising committee and the participants. If you own a farm that generates crops or livestock to the market, chances are, there are investors present during the event, which provides opportunity for small land owners. Getting the recognition of having the healthiest crop or livestock is one trophy that farmers benefit from. The get to enjoy the event and increase reputation as well.
    Biggest Watermelon.jpg
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  6. 6
    June -- Sports Fest
    A sports-fest can be quite a large event to handle. The fundraising committee will need to find participants who are willing to pay for registration. This is especially interesting for communities that famous sports players come from. Any competitive sport can be included in the roster. This particular fundraising event may require you to break the tournaments up into two or three days.
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  7. 7
    July -- Patriotism is the theme this month
    Have a historical costume contest along with recreations of important events and let visitors vote on the ones they liked best. Sort of like a medieval fair but depicting various moments of your town or country's history. Funds can be raised by charging admission and donated profits from sales of items inside the event.
    Drake Day Circus at Drake Well Park, August 24, 2013.jpg
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    August -- Advocacy Fund Raising
    Around the World, August signifies something for each country. For the Muslims, their Ramadan ends during this month. Countries such as India, Pakistan, and Jamaica also celebrate their independence during August. In the Philippines, National Heroes Day is commemorated. Internationally, this is the month where a date was dedicated against Nuclear Tests. In order get attract more people to your event, it would be beneficial to focus on international celebrations. As such, a slogan making contest can be integrated, along with a painting contest. This is better appreciated when the fund raising committee partners with a public school. Funds are raised from paid registration, visitor's entrance fees and purchases of paintings.
    Advocacy Campaigns.jpg
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  9. 9
    September -- Disaster Preparation
    Center for Disease Control (CDC) dubbed this month as National Preparedness Month. Paid seminars, webinars, expositions, research presentations and conferences can be a source of funding. Again, this operates on paid registration to raise the funds needed.
    Emergency Preparedness.jpg
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  10. 10
    October -- United Nations Day and Halloween
    October is the month in which United Nations Day is celebrated. A fashion show, representing the different costumes of each country can be planned. A contest can be held for the best costume. A variety show can also be organized, where attendees will need to pay an entrance fee to watch the event. Food kiosks can be strategically placed inside the area where the event will be held and sell traditionally prepared foods of various countries for additional funds. Kiosk managers can be the same committee responsible for food or the contingency committee so they will be able to see and interact with the people within the area and intervene if any problems arise.
    United Nations.jpg
    If your fundraising event is scheduled for late October, then it would be possible to hold a "Best Halloween Costume" contest. Like with the event "Wear the American Flag", a winner will be chosen who has the scariest and most unique Halloween costume. Additional judging criteria can be included depending on the theme and goal of the fundraising event. People who cannot come can cast their votes through an online voting system where the participant's photo can be posted. A special prize may be given to whoever gets the most likes or shares. If the theme of the contest involves environmental awareness, the costumes can be given a criteria of being environmentally responsible or recycling waste materials.
    Halloween Contest.jpg
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  11. 11
    November -- It's all about Thanksgiving
    This month is about giving and receiving thanks. A canned food drive is an option that the whole community can participate in. Bags of food collected can be delivered to veterans and other elderly service personnel.
    Thanksgiving 2009.jpg
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  12. 12
    December -- Christmas Tree for a Cause
    If you are collecting funds for a particular cause, the Christmas tree can be the simplest form of fund raising activity. A big Christmas tree can be situated at a shopping mall or a public park. It will be devoid of any trimmings. The trimmings will be photos or ornaments that can be personalized and signed by interested people for a fee. The ornament will be hung on the tree and will signify the individual willingness to help. Santa can sit by the Christmas Tree where children will be asked to line up and put a coin in a box before they can whisper their wish to Santa. Photos of children sitting on Santa's knee can also be a source of additional funds.
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How To Plan a Fundraising Event

Decide on the type of event you want to hold. Ascertain the place and time. Assign different individuals or a committee to take care of the particulars for the following:

  • Securing the necessary permits for the event location, police assistance for security and other safety issues. This is especially important for fundraising that will be held in an open space, like a public park.
  • Generating advertisements like posters, fliers, web advertisements, and social media sharing to get people interested and aware of the event. The success of the fund raising event relies on the number of people interested and willing to attend the event.
  • Distribution of invitations for sponsors, judges, guest speakers and food kiosk owners. These individuals should be identified during the event planning process. Should judges be needed, make sure that there is no cause for the public to suspect bias.
  • Drafting and finalization of the guidelines for the fundraising event. Guidelines are important for smooth flow of a program. Ideally, the guidelines are printed together with the advertisement on both printed and electronic mediums.
  • Procuring and securing of trophies, ribbons, token of appreciations, certificates, and prizes. The prizes should be readily available for presentation and visible to people to encourage more participants.
  • An overall management and contingency committee to oversee the flow and processes of the fundraising event. There should be someone who everyone else reports to. He will be directing the managing, updating, and be able to answer media or public questions so that the organization of the event isn't compromised.
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On a final note, there are states and countries that require a breakdown of expenses in order to determine if a fundraising event actually merits a taxable or a non-taxable transaction. Make sure to check with your local municipalities to avoid problems.

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