Pick Staple Pieces for a Man's Wardrobe

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Although some men often dread shopping for a new wardrobe every season, many have modernized their styles as the years have gone by. Today, men are more fashion conscious and can be seen in fashionable styles, just like in the Renaissance era. Since the average Joe does not really do well with shopping for trendy and classic fashion, this article serves as a guide to choosing staple pieces for a man's wardrobe.

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In the frenzy of different trends and styles every season, it can be difficult to keep updated. This is usually because of the busy lifestyles most men lead. If all else fails, why not go back to the basics? There are certain pieces you should include in your wardrobe, as well as necessary accessory staples considered classics. These are pieces that every man should have, perhaps in different colors. Even in the years to come these pieces will still be in style.

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Welcome to a simple and well-dressed life.

Staples for Casual Clothing

  1. 1
    White Shirt
    This is the foundation of the of a working man's wardrobe. This ordinary white shirt is invaluable in many types of ensembles, both casual and business dress. The simple shirt breaks the trend barriers by being versatile. Pair it with simple jeans or a jacket for different occasions. The white shirt must not have any logos and must be a good fit. Have more than one in your closet - straight collar, button down collar, fitted, looser fit. There are so many variables.
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    Blue Jeans
    Almost everyone, if not everyone, owns at least one pair of blue jeans. From basic to designer jeans, faded to dark, the classic pair will never go out of style. It can be incorporated in casual and sometimes work clothing. Trends may come and go, but blue jeans are here to stay. What can you pair with these babies? Go casual with a shirt and sneakers, or get smart with a coat and dressy shoes - your choice.
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    Black Loafers
    Although these are not the coolest shoes in the hood, these go with almost anything, making them a versatile staple in every man's wardrobe. The true character that stands out with black loafers is the simplicity. There is also the efficiency they offer slipping on and off your feet, with no laces and no fuss. The black loafers have endured trends and fads and will be here for the long haul. For a casual look, pair with jeans and a simple printed shirt.
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    Blazer or Sport Coat
    Like the simple white shirt, a great quality blazer or jacket can offer so many possibilities. It can be used for different situations and can even make the most hopeless shirt look respectable. The simpler the coat, the more classic it is. It's best to only purchase pieces like pinstriped blazers when you've got the basic shades like black, navy, gray and khaki in play. Pair your blazer with suit pants or blue jeans, depending on the occasion.
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  5. 5
    Forget about wearing sunglasses just for the beach. Not only are sunglasses fashionable, but they also protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Every man needs to own at least one classic pair. An ideal style is oval shaped sunglasses in black. This style has been around for years and will not likely ever go out of style. Keep the mystery and increase your cool factor while protecting your eyes by wearing classic sunglasses with practically any outfit.
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    Bright Coloured Necktie
    Necktie and clip.jpg
    Every man should have at least one necktie that is daring and outspoken. Don't rely completely on unimaginative birthday and Christmas gifts, treat yourself to one tie that really speaks to who you are.
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