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Backpacking is an art. If you are on a tight budget or schedule, it is crucial that you bring only the most important items that you need to use on the road. For some, this is a trial and error process, but once you get the hang of it, you do not need to waste money or space for the unnecessary things. Here are some tips you can follow on how to pack your backpack efficiently.

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Ways to Pack a Backpack Efficiently

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    Planning is an important stage in backpacking
    First, you have to create your itinerary by identifying your destinations, proposed activities, and duration of your stay in a particular place. Without a concrete plan, it is confusing to decide which gear is needed for the entire trip.
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    Create a checklist of the things that you have to bring
    These may be composed of your needs and wants. Top priority essentials include clothes, footwear, a hygiene kit, traveler's med-pack, a pen and notepad, camera, important travel documents such as passport and visas, and a mobile phone. You may also want to bring with you a book or a portable music player to keep you sane throughout the long journey.
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    Overnight camping trips are different from backpacking travels
    If you intend to camp outside, consider bringing a shelter such as a tent or a hammock. Portable stoves and Cook sets are also useful, especially if you are away from civilization.
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    Start packing by sorting out stuff based on their weight
    You do not want to struggle carrying a backpack that is too heavy for you, but still should not compromise the convenience of bringing your personal stuff on your travels. The trick is to start packing following a light-heavy-light pattern inside your pack. Notice that this forms an hourglass shape. To maximize space, make sure that you also have a good quality backpack.
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    The base of the backpack shall consist of light materials such as sleeping bag or jackets
    Clothes, hygiene kits, med-packs, and food supply can be folded into the succeeding layers. Ensure that stuff like cameras, travel documents, and headlamps can easily be taken out of the storage.
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    Waterproof everything, especially if you are traveling in tropical countries or if you are unsure of the weather forecast
    Plastic bags are ideal for storing documents, food bites, and medicines. Dry bags can be used to keep clothes dry and warm all throughout the day.
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    There is an art to folding clothes
    Be conservative on the space by folding clothes the military way. You will be surprised to find that you can actually pack a week's worth of supplies in your backpack without compromising important stuff or bringing an additional luggage.
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Tips for Traveling Light

  • Before embarking on a trip, study the culture of the place. Know whether there are dress codes that need to be followed in respect to the religion or name of the place.
  • Do not be afraid to throw away or donate unused items from your backpack. If a particular trip has passed and you were not able to utilize the item, chances are it will also be useless for the next one.
  • You can always buy a pair of sandals, a shirt, or a pair of pants at your place of destination. If you think you can save space by giving up on these, do not hesitate to do so.
  • Always try to exchange books from one destination to another. This will not only save you a few extra dollars, but will also allow you to experience the rich literature of other cultures.
  • It is better to dress down than to flaunt jewelry or other expensive belongings. Know the rules before you start engaging with a local.

Is Backpacking Safe for Everyone?

  • Traveling with a backpack is normally safe for both men and women. But a lot of travelers agree that India is often not a safe place for the female backpackers. So use your intuitive skills and do not walk outside in the wee hours of the night unless it is critically important.

Questions and Answers

"We must pack our backpack efficiently so as to carry things we need as much as possible." What does this mean?

Can you explain to me what "We must pack our backpack efficiently so as to carry things we need as much as possible." means?

Efficient packing simply means that you need to plan how you're going to pack all of your items so they all fit into your backpack easily. If you just start throwing stuff in, there will be a lot of wasted space inside your backpack; boxes will be sideways, items may be lopsided, and a lot of potential space for your other things will be taken up unnecessarily. Here are some tips to pack your backpack efficiently so everything you need to bring with you on your trip will fit inside:

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  • Like the VisiHow article above says, you want to pack your things in a heavy-light-heavy fashion. This way, the weight of your backpack is balanced and it won't be top- or bottom-heavy.
  • Pretend your backpack is a game of Tetris. Though a row of your items won't go away when you've filled it, you are trying to fill every space in your backpack. Boxes fit nicely together, and your clothes can fill any spaces that aren't filled by boxes.
  • Make liberal use of any pockets that your backpack has. Put small, oddly-shaped items into your pockets and fill them as much as you can. This will save space in your backpack's main pouch for your bigger items.
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The more you backpack, the easier packing will get as you learn what you need to pack and how to pack it properly into your backpack. Just follow these simple tips your first time and your backpacking experience should go very well -- and it'll get better every time after that.

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