Organize a Yard Sale

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If you have an interest in clearing the unnecessary clutter from your home and pocketing some extra cash, a yard sale is an effective means of quickly accomplishing both goals.

People who love bargains are interested in acquiring antiques, and even people that have a passion for "flipping" merchandise for profits absolutely love yard sales.

However, in order to have a successful sale, you must first learn how to organize your yard sale. In this how-to guide, you will be provided with some simple steps for learning how to successfully organize your yard sale. These steps will allow you to attain the highest level of success and will make the yard sale enjoyable for absolutely everyone that is involved!

Steps to Organize a Yard Sale

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    The first step to organizing your yard sale is to ensure that you set aside some time for planning the event
    In most instances, you should provide yourself with at least one month of time to get ready. During this time, you should go through your home and separate that which you want to keep and that which you would like to discard. Once you have everything set aside that you want to include in the sale, it is time to move on.
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    Now, you should sort through all of the items that you want to sell, making sure that similar items are stored together
    You may then clean up the items, price the items, and then store them in storage containers, bags, and/or boxes until the big day.
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    Next, you need to check with the city or county that you reside in to determine if having a yard sale requires a special permit
    If it does, you should obtain this permit.
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    Now, you should seek out assistance from individuals to help with the event
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    You will need help in creating signs for your neighborhood, signs for your yard, putting an ad in your local paper, and even assistance in broadcasting your yard sale online through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
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    You may also list your event on websites such as Craigslist.
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    Once all of your volunteers have assisted in advertising the yard sale, it is now time to assign them tasks for the actual event - including setting up tables, placing the items out on the tables, running the cash box, and other tasks as you deem appropriate.
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    Once the day of the yard sale arrives, you should take special care in ensuring that the presentation of your items is optimal
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    Be decorative, make sure all pieces are clean, and make sure that there are price tags that are visible on each piece of merchandise
    In taking this step, you are sure to achieve financial success at the sale.
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    When the yard sale starts
    Be absolutely certain to keep the cash box that you are using in a safe place and be sure to keep your home and vehicle locked for safety purposes.
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Tips for Organizing Your Yard Sale

  • Organization is the key to success when it comes to getting ready for a yard sale.
  • Most people do not like to ask for the prices associated with the products in a yard sale. Because of this, be certain that prices are clearly marked.
  • Always conduct a yard sale with more than one person present.


  • Be careful about selling items with expiration dates, such as food and medications, at a yard sale.
  • Strangers will be visiting you at your yard sale. Be sure to take precautions that will allow you, your volunteers, and your property to remain safe.
  • Do not store large amounts of cash in the cash box that you are using. Make frequent cash drops to a safe location in your home and only keep enough cash on hand to make change for your customers.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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