Organize Your Desktop Icons for Windows OS

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The desk is messy. Files and folders in disarray, picture frames face down, and pens without covers all make up the clutter on the surface of a desk. The worker pinches his nose in frustration. The work needed to be done is already piling up, and to boot, the chaos on the desk hampers the production.

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The visualization above is likened to that of the computer desktop. Computer overload? Did you know that the computer's performance is be affected by the icons on your desktop? Does your computer take time to load? The culprit might be all the icons and shortcuts attached to your desktop. You need to clean it up, to get a virtual broom and dust off your desktop.

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Why Do People Have a Loaded Desktop?

The desktop is another place where you can save files and other documents.


It's convenient for most people, since the files can be seen and accessed easily. Easy access, they say. You can open them easily, as they're just a click away. It becomes, however, very inconvenient once the icons are in disarray. A crowded desktop will slow down your computer more than you know.

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Clean Up Your Desktop

Fortunately, there are ways to organize and clean up the desktop. Some are programs that still need to be downloaded, but there are those that are simple; basic.

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    Right-click and create a new folder. This is the simplest way to organize your files and documents on your desktop. Label the icons according to your needs. If you want something general, label it with Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Movies, Pictures, etc. If you want something more personalize, go label it with School, Office, Church, Entertainment, etc. It all depends on you. Creating folders and labeling them help you categorize and minimize the over crowding of your desktop. Simple, yet helpful.
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    Right-click and uncheck "Show Desktop Icons". Others display "Hide Desktop Icons". This is only convenient for those who are in a hurry. If you need to have an instant clean and organized desktop or nothing at all, you can hide the icons on your desktop. You can view the files in your desktop using an open window. It will just be like hiding your mess under the sofa. Then you can clean it later on. It's not that advisable, but convenient nonetheless.
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    There are widgets that are provided by your computer company that you can use. These desktop organizers/customizers let you personalize your desktop the way you want it. Some examples are:  
    1. Fences. This tool lets you group your icons accordingly and then places them inside floating containers for easy access and sorting.
    2. Diswy. This tool lets you hide and unhide your desktop icons with just a single click.
    3. Sectioned Wallpapers. This is a quirky way to organize the icons on your desktop. If you want personalized sectioned wallpaper, you can create one with Adobe Photoshop or even with Paint. If you do not have the skills or the time to make one, you can search and download one with PhotoBucket or anywhere on the net. A sectioned wallpaper is already background divider of your icons making it easy to organize them.
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    Custom Icons
    ChristineC icons3.jpg
    This is how you see the icons. You can create your own or you can download it. No more boring folders on your desktop. The icon itself can be labeled, like having a headset as the icon for your music folder. Substitute those dull folders and logos for icons that better suit your style.
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    There are also widgets that keep and display your folders. These launchers help you gain easier access to your files and folders.  
    1. SideSlide. This tool displays the contents of folders inside a scrolling window.
    2. FSL Launcher. This tool has a tabbed launcher that can be connected to your folders.
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    Rainmeter for Windows and GeekTool for Mac
    These tools insert info widgets on your desktop, using pleasing styles and themes. These tools are convenient for a more personalized theme.
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  • Arrange and Move Icons on your Desktop

    For arranging and moving your desktop icons, the following links are provided: For arranging icons on the main menu of Apple TV For arranging and moving icons on your Microsoft Desktop

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