Optimize Battery of an Android Phone

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The functionality of Google Android makes its prone to low battery life. Running multiple apps simultaneously can take its toll on your phone's battery.

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Fortunately, there are several ways you can prolong the life of your phone. Here are some tips on how to extend the juice of your Android handset.


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    Switch off unused applications
    In general, the best way to extend the life of your battery is to turn off the applications you are not using. Keeping GPS or WiFi on the whole day will drain the life of your battery. So set it to "Only When Needed" to save up battery life.
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    Install Power Control
    Another way you can extend battery life of your Android phone is to install a widget called "Power Control." This is available for phones running Android 2.1 or higher. With this widget, you can set GPS, WiFi, or Sync according to your specifications.
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    Lower Data Usage
    If you are not on a data plan, reducing the amount of data can help extend the battery life of your Android phone. Switch your 3G phone to GSM or 2G.
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    Install Battery Saving Apps
    There are many apps that can help extend the life of your battery and one of them is Juice Defender. Instead of killing apps, it will switch off applications that take up battery power. For instance, it deactivates the WiFi antenna if you are not near a WiFi signal.
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    Installing apps on your Android phone is one of the ways you can maximize its capabilities
    However, it can also eat up a huge amount of battery life. Follow these simple tips and you can look forward to enjoying using your Android phone.
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    Deactivate automatic app updates
    App updates, especially if it's several apps at the same time, can consume a lot of battery. Therefore, it is best to do that when you have access to a plug. If you have automatic updates, the timing may not always be right and it may occur during times when you are trying to save on your battery. If you do manual updates, you have more control over the schedule of updates.
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    Decrease the number of apps on push notifications
    If you really do not need to get very timely information, you should just turn off the push notifications. The advantage of push notifications is that you receive the information as it comes. Examples of this would be emails, news, Facebook updates, Instagram notifications, and the like. While emails may be something that you'd like to keep, Facebook and other social media notifications may not be that urgent for you to see all the time. Therefore, if you are trying to save on your battery, these may be one of the first few things that you may want to turn off.
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    Remove unnecessary vibration alerts
    Vibration alerts are very useful, especially if you are in a very noisy place and you can barely hear your ring tone. However, you may not need to enable vibration for all of your apps. It can significantly reduce your battery life, especially if you are getting too many notifications in a day. Therefore, you may want to reassess each of your apps and limit vibration to those which are extremely important such as calls, texts, and emails. It would be good as well to select the ones which are not vibrating too long.
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    Turn off your Bluetooth or personal hotspot when you do not need it
    If you are not using them anyway, just keep it off. Not only will it save your battery, it will also prevent you from encountering hackers around you. One of the risks of having a constantly open personal hotspot is that strangers may simply hook up into your connection, especially when your password is not good enough, and may end up invading your network. If these are off, you protect your phone by as much as 75% and at the same time, you save on your battery by about 50%.
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