Open the chest in Fable 2 that are frozen

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This article will show you how to get the chests that are frozen in Fable 2. Some gamers who've played the game are frustrated by the fact that they can not get the special contents in the chests, making the game seem impossible to beat, So many extreme gamers are competitive, and tend to want more out of a game than just beating the main story. To begin this journey, you will need to download the Knothole Island to access the extra missions, and access to the island that is not in the original game for some gamers. Knothole Island is where the weather totem pole is located for unfreezing the chests to gain the unique rewards that the game has to offer. The average gamer never experiences these rewards due to the fact that the chests are frozen and won't give up its contents.

Instructions For Opening The Frozen Chests In Fable 2

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  1. 1
    When you finish loading your game, make your way to knothole Glade
    1. Speak to the 'Chieftain" who will point you in the direction of a lake.
    2. After you've made your way to the area, your trust companion will start to bark and show you that there is something to dig up in the area. Now of course you should dig in the area your dog has pointed out to you, where you will find a key.
    3. From there, continue on the path up the mountain where you will locate a shrine. ##As you go further, you will see a door.
    4. Use the key you just dug up to get in the door.
    5. You will encounter a bunch of Hobbes so make quick work of killing them.
    6. Enter the cave.
    7. As you enter the cave you will enter a hall. You'll notice chests there covered in ice just like the chests discovered around the map.
    8. Head to your left and the doors behind you will close trapping you in the room. ##Yet again the annoying Hobbes will appear.
    9. Make quick work of the enemy.
    10. After you've killed the Hobbes, continue through the door.
    11. Ahead and you will notice a moving orb. They are the same orbs you have encountered during your game play, so you'll know what to do:  
      1. Attack the orb when it is blue.
      2. Use your magic when the orb turns red.
      3. When the orb is yellow, shoot it.
    12. When you've dealt with the orb, a room will open up for you. Inside the room, you will see a lever. You will also notice the ice around the chests has melted.
    13. Now that you've unlocked the chests, go to the main hall and follow the path out.
    14. You will see some electric ropes or lines. Attack them and they will all turn on. ##Now you will notice there are two in the middle. Strike them.
    15. Striking them will open up another room with yet another lever.
    16. From here you can pull this lever, which will also melt more ice in the hall.
    17. Now you can head to the main bridge and smash the ice you see around the bottom of it.
    18. You'll notice you can jump down, and from here turn the switch to defrost the last chest so that you can receive its contents. You can also unlock the exit to the room you are currently located in.
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  2. 2
    Other Items That Are In The Chests Include
    1. Knothole Knight Boots
    2. Knothole Island Vol 1
    3. Solar Shielding Spectacles
    4. One Burned Calorie Potion
    5. Assassin Gloves
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