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How not to lose hope? Seems difficult doesn't it? And sometimes even impossible looking at the things around you. When it feels as if the entire cosmos is conspiring against you, when it kicks you down every time you try to get your holdings and get back on your feet.

We can never control or minimize the amount of hardship, mishap or tragedy of the world but the least we can do is not allowing them to overcome or dominate our thoughts. Like the word fear, courage and confidence, hope is a mental attitude that result from the kind thoughts we think.

It can be develop through practice. Below are ways you can do to build and improve your sense of hope.

Habits that can improve your sense of Hope:

  1. 1
    Believe in your self
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    Do not be defeated by negative words you hear from other people. Have faith on your abilities. With sound and humble confidence you can be a successful. The inferiority complex interfere your ability in attaining your hope.
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    Try to break the worry habit
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    Worrying is a bad mental habit. The more you practice to be worry the more you worrier you'll be. Stop thinking worry things but do the opposite. Always think positive.
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    Practice Faith
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    Prayer is the most power form of faith. Regardless of our religion, believing that we are living in partnership with the creator is giving us the belief and power to overcome everything. You can also note biblical verses and scripture that are offering you faith, hope, happiness, glory and radiance. Memorize and commit it to your self. Aside from the Prayer, You may also practice saying "I believe" three times a day before going up in bed.
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    Change your words
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    Instead saying negative words, make it positive. Instead of saying I have a "problem today", affirm by saying "I'm experiencing a challenge today". Don't say that "There's no way I can do that" but rather "There's no way I cannot to that".
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    Never participate in worry conversation
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    Remember the phrase "One bad apple spoils the whole bunch". In the group where negative things are being discussed, there are higher changes of affecting the circle. The pessimistic words can infect each person in the group. Insert positive and happy talk because it can drive off the dressing atmosphere and boasting the hopeful and happiness in the crowd.
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    Surround your self with the positive and hopeful people
    Be with faith producing happy people around you. It can stimulate the positive attitude with in each party. It's easy to get along with happy people and giving also, an easier way to stay positive because of them.
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    Watch a movie, a TV show, or read a book which you expect to give you positive diversion
    Just being able to smile or laugh after watching a movie or TV show or reading a good book are good ways to step up the hope hormones in you. Just being able to change into a light mood will renew your mind and heart and you will be cheerful again about the future.
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    Seek for people that need hopeful talk
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    By helping other people hold with their faith and hope you can get more power in yourself. When you reach others, it's like reaching deeper into your self.
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    Renew your mind
    The reason why you are so worried and losing hope is that you are saturated with gloom, sadness and apprehension of defeat and lots of pessimistic. Always talk, think and speak of happy, grateful and glory things to saturate your unconscious mind. Then in return you can produce a more optimistic climate of thought other than of worry.
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  • There is no shortcuts in attaining a hopeful thought. You cannot alter it overnight and expect to be as perfect afterward. It's an accumulation of repetitive works that can be thought in children and developed in adults.
  • This may seem pointless when you first try, but it's not, because its a healthy process an effort to make yourself ever better.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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