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Organize a Teambuilding Event for Work

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I need help transferring my photos from my Samsung Galaxy S5 to my PC?

When I connect my Samsung Galaxy S5 to my Windows XP computer, and when I click on Media and then when I click on the DCIM folder it says that "Files can not be opened directly from this device. Please copy the file to a local folder and then the copy." And when I do that on a new blank folder, and when I click on the blank folder, there is nothing, and it doesn't show that I copied the folder. Do you know the reason why I can't just copy and paste my photos like what I would do with an older Android?

Your phone may be in the wrong mode. When you plug your Samsung Galaxy S5 into your Windows XP computer, look at your phone. There should be a USB icon in the notifications bar. Drag it down and tap on the USB icon and change it to the other mode. Unplug your device and replug it in and try to transfer your photos. If you're still unable to transfer your photos after switching the USB mode, you can download Samsung Kies 3 to transfer your photos and other files easily. Click here to download Samsung Kies 3. Do not download the original Samsung Kies; your Samsung Galaxy S5 is a newer handset that requires the latest version of Kies. Once Kies has downloaded and installed, plug your device in and follow the onscreen instructions. You will then be able to transfer your photos from your Samsung Galaxy S5 to your Windows XP computer.

Attempts to download pictures results in the message "no new photos are detected" etc and will not allow the download. Obviously, the geniuses at Samsung thought one would only need to download photos once, and perhaps not a backup onto a thumb drive etc?

How do I bypass this nonsense?

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My phone is a Samsung 6.0.1 while this article is about Version 5? There does not appear to be an article attacking my Version 6. Will the fix be the same?

MY HP Elitebook 8460p does not recognize my pictures from my Samsung Android 6.0.1. I have 1000 pictures from a trip to the Alps this year I was going to use on a Christmas calendar. No can do. Help!. Thanks. Pat. My Android Samsung phone is a version 6.0.1 while the article approaches the problem of uploading pictures to the HP from a Version 5.0.1. I have tried: Downloading pictures through the computer that shows the phone as attached, but when I start the download, it stops and says there are no pictures to download. I think it was caused by: Is there a place to change the version of the picture? I wonder if the phone came pre-loaded with a version of the pictures on the phone as other than a JPEG file?

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Normally have no problem. All of a sudden, uploaded pictures are not big enough. Can't figure out how to download them larger for my purpose?

Need to use the pictures for items selling on Ebay. However, Ebay keeps warning that pics are not big enough to be used

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Organize a Teambuilding Event for Work
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Picture folder in laptop un-accessed?

I cannot access my pictures I copied into the folder in my laptop and they are not longer in my S5 Galaxy phone. The folder is now written shortcut but cannot open. How can I recover my pictures? I have tried: Tried to go back to the phone but can't find them. I think it was caused by: I really could not think of anything, because I just highlight all my picture in the phone, cut them, created the folder on the laptop and past them. Then tried to open the folder while the phone still connected but no luck. I disconnected the phone from the laptop and put it back again but no luck.

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