Natural Methods to Boost Fertility in Women

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Trying to conceive but failing as usual? Planning to have a baby before you reach 30? Looking for natural ways to boost fertility? If so, you have come to the right page. Many women opt to take medications, injections, or treatments just to get pregnant. Unfortunately, it may take a while to get pregnant, and modern medications may cause adverse effects. There are natural methods to improve female fertility, which are not harmful to the health. Interested? Read below to learn how to do so.

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    Start to lose weight, if you are obese
    Obesity is one of the major causes of infertility. This is because being overweight can interact with the insulin levels in the body, which will likely affect the reproductive hormones and thus lead to ovulation problems. So, you may now want to start losing weight by doing exercises and eating more fruits and vegetables that have fibers and other nutrients. Fiber can help you digest foods fast and regulate bowel movements. This will help remove fat and other toxins in your body. Remember that obesity is a major risk factor for female infertility.
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    Avoid being stressed out
    Women who work a lot may have a slight chance to be infertile. Stress from work, family, friends and other sources can affect the ability to conceive. So, to reduce stress, you may want to do some stress-relieving activities, such as doing yoga and meditating. These can help you reduce stress and conceive in a matter of weeks.
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    Watch what you drink
    Coffee, soda, and other drinks with caffeine can cause infertility. This does not mean you have to avoid drinking these beverages. Two to three cups or glasses a day is OK. However, if you drink more than the recommended consumption, you may increase the risk of infertility. You should limit consumption of drinks with caffeine to under 250 milligrams per day. But if you really want to conceive sooner than later, you may want to stop drinking beverages that have caffeine in it and switch to healthy drinks, such as fruit juices or shakes.
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    Cut down smoking
    It is really obvious that smoking is dangerous to one's health. Not only does cigarette smoking causes lung diseases, but it also destroys your reproductive system. Doctors recommend women cut down on smoking if they are trying to conceive. There is not as good of a chance of getting pregnant, if you do not quit smoking.
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    Try fertility massaging
    There are a lot of massage therapists out there who can boost fertility in women through massaging. You may also want to do self-fertility massage by following instructional DVDs. Benefits of fertility massage include increasing circulation to the ovaries, eggs, and uterus, promoting healthy hemoglobin to the reproductive system, supporting the body in repairing scar tissue, etc. Fertility massaging may be expensive, but it is really effective. Do not try this if you are menstruating, because it may cause excessive bleeding.
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    Try acupuncture
    Acupuncture is one of the most popular and effective alternative medicines to treat infertility. Many women have tried acupuncture to boost fertility, and it really helps them conceive in just a short period. Our bodies have channels of energy that normally flow throughout our body to strengthen the tissues. If the energy flow is blocked or stagnant, there is a risk of promoting health problems, including infertility. The acupuncturists target the acupuncture points, where your body's energy is blocked up. In this case, the energy will then become free to flow normally in the bloodstream. This also releases unwanted chemicals in the body, which is the cause of infertility. You may want to try acupuncture to conceive sooner.
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    Cut back on drinking skim milk and non-fat dairy products
    Skimming away the fat from whole milk can affect ovulation. The fat-soluble substance from whole milk or other high fat dairy products can decrease the risk of infertility. If the fat substance is removed or converted to a low fat substance, it may increase the risk of infertility. Women who are trying to get pregnant should drink whole fat milk and choose high-fat dairy products. This is suggested by Dr. Chavarro and Dr. Willett, authors of The Fertility Diet. So, if you are trying to conceive, switch to whole fat milk and high fat dairy products in the meantime. You may want to switch back to low-fat dairy products and skim milk after giving birth to lose the extra weight gained during pregnancy.
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    Eat foods containing specific nutrients and vitamins
    Foods containing nutrients and vitamins, such as vitamin B complex, Omega-3 fatty acids, and co-enzyme Q-10, are beneficial to decreasing the risk of infertility. These vitamins play an important role in boosting egg quality, regulating hormonal conditions, promoting ovulation, etc. The vitamins can be found in meat, fish, poultry, soybean, nuts, oils, vegetables, eggs, fruits, whole fat milk, high-fat dairy products, salmon, spinach, almonds, sardines, and many more.
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There are a lot of natural methods to boost fertility in women. The above information is just a few of the natural methods. You may want to try them if you are planning to get pregnant. Treatments and other modern medications are costly nowadays. So, many women are now trying natural methods to enhance fertility, as these do not develop the adverse effects that medications may cause.

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Questions and Answers

Can unwanted chemicals cause infertility in women? What chemicals should I avoid?

Infertility among women actually more common than we think. It is also believed that some chemicals are linked to the chemicals that women use or get exposed to. Some of these include:

  • Glymes
  • non-stick products
  • bisphenol A found in tin cans
  • flame retardants
  • phthalates

What Can I do to have my wife get pregnant, she's 45 years old?

We were told it was blocked tubes. She does not see her menses flowing, it just comes as drops and stain and last just a day. She was told she needed to boost eggs. We are married for 9 years now. What can be done to still get result?

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