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Turn On and Off the Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy S4 mini - automatically starts when battery is inserted?

My Galaxy S4 mini died as I was using an app. After that, pressing the Power button does nothing. The only way to get any response is to remove the battery and re-insert the battery. Then the phone starts --BY ITSELF-- and displays the S4 white logo for a few seconds before Everything goes dark. No response. . . Tried removing the battery and holding the Power button for 1 minute, but no change. . . Tried pressing Power+Volume+Home which displays the text "Recovery boot" or similar in blue text, but it dies very quickly after that. . . The battery is fairly new, like 4 months old and is an original Samsung NFC battery, just like it was shipped with. . . I need something new to try - to see if this is a software error or a hardware error. It just keeps dying after 6 seconds or so. And yes, it really DOES start by itself when the battery is re-inserted. WITHOUT me pressing the Power button. Most articles I see only cover the auto rebooting syndrome. This is not the case with my phone. It does not start normally and is unresponsive save for when re-inserting the battery. I have tried: This is covered in my main text. Everything I have tried is written in that text. I think it was caused by: I was using an app called BankID - an identity app in conjunction with logging onto a government site.

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Hi. S4 is not turning on. How can I turn it on? There is a red led light that continues to glow even if the phone is not being charged?

Phone is not turning on. Led light continues glowing even unplugged from the charger. It drains the battery a lot.

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My S4 is dead, and it won't charge?

I have tried with multiple chargers, but it still won't charge

If the charger is not the problem with your device then there is only one more thing that you will be able to do in order to try to fix the situation yourself before having to take it to a repair center to get fixed by a professional:

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-Purchase a new battery for your device being that the issue may be the battery which is why your device is not charging I had to purchase a new battery for my S4 being that it was labeled as being defective. Here is a link to where you can purchase a new battery for your device:

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-If the battery changing does not do the trick then your device may have a problem with the charging port or internal which will take a professional to look at it to fix your device.

My charger port has collapsed on my Samsung Galaxy 4?

This is the second time I have had this happen on a Samsung device. I am waiting for a wall charger, and I hope this will work until I can take it to the guy at the mall who fixes them

This can happen owing to many reasons:

  • a faulty charger adapter (this is the most common);
  • a faulty charger port circuit on the phone; it may be a good idea to inspect or replace the whole phone at a Samsung service center if the charger port breaks again;
  • the voltage in the power line is out of range for the adapter; this includes power surges. An electrician can measure the voltage in your given power socket for 24 hours;
  • a bad wiring in the house, which causes the intermittent supply of the current to the power socket; see if any other devices have been making any quiet crackling sounds, if you smell burnt wire, or if your lamp bulbs burn out quickly. Then, an electrician will be needed to rewire your house.
  • a faulty or overloaded power strip or socket; again, an electrician can measure the voltage in your given power strip and measure it for 24 hours.
  • a faulty USB port on a computer; you can try to change the USB port (for example, find a USB port in a card reader, on the back of the computer, or on the face of the computer tower).
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