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Not bother your busy boyfriend

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My man doesn't have time for me, he is busy all the time, so I want you to help me so he can get back to me all the time?

My man doesn't have time for me he is busy all the time.

When he's busy, you should only message him occasionally. Then, he'll think you are busy. There is no better cure for a busy boyfriend than a busy girlfriend. He'll start missing you, and wondering where you are, or what you're doing. Then you can answer him with a sweet message to let him know you care.

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Just below this question is a link to our article on sweet messages you can send your busy boyfriend. There are more than 100 messages there, which you can send to him to help let him know you're thinking of him, but not bother him.

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What should I send my boyfriend when he is working?

I know he is working, I don't mind that but what do I tell him because I don't see him everyday so I can't send a message saying I can't wait to see you when you get home

Express your thoughts to him that require no answers: this will let him read your messages when he has time and not distract him from work, as he will not need to answer them immediately. Start with: "Day by day, I wish to do what you ask of me. If there is anything you need tonight, just let me know, as my thoughts are only of you; and it is a greatest pleasure to read messages from you!" Then, you can write: "I am glad that I am sharing my life with someone of whom I am more than proud: you are independent, wise, and above everything in my life". Do not forget to remind him about anything from the past that you live through. Mention how he manages to encapsulate all of the positive aspects of something while other cannot. For example, if he is a musician touring, tell him how goosebumps crawl over your skin when you hear his part and notice the sensations that come to mind. You can even send him pictures from you life: take pictures of your hugging your cat, if you have one, for instance. He will find it interesting to see how you see your life over there.

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What to send if he wanted to be with me in the afternoon but couldn't as he has an exam to write tomorrow?

He has little time for our relationship because of school work

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Not bother your busy boyfriend

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