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Know if Your Best Friend Is Falling for You

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My guy friend gigles when I tell him that I'm breaking withmy boyfriend?

I know this guy for 2 years now. I felt that he had a crush on me a year ago. We're working at the sane place so seeing each other 5 days a week. We got on at work very well, very good team. Not long after we met at work, he started telling, sharing with me about his personal life and childhood. We became closer and closer. Our body contacts are still in a boundary I think but we have a lot of it. He would brush when walk pass me, touch my hand when I hand him sth, he touches my hands, arms often and sometimes shoulder hug me and put his face against my face. He gets awkward and shy , blush at times, starrs and gigles regularly. He hugs me several times throughout the year eg when I buy food for him, wishing him a safe holiday etc. I told him I might quit from this job, he said he would go through a withdrawal from not seeing me. Every time we work together in the same space I feel so calm and happy. He's very helpful at work and pays attention to details. He cares about my well being but not annoying. If we go to work seminars together, surely he would stick beside me in stead of being with his boss. He was like my shadow. We always laugh at each other's jokes. He's usually a shy type but he's a chatterbox to me. I feel safe when he's around. I have a boyfriend who also work in the same place but not the same building. They know each other very well. I've been telling about my relationship problems. Recently I told him that I'm separating from my boyfriend, he gigled and kept looking at me face with eye contact. When I was teary he was awkwardly hug me. Why doesn't he feel sorry for me when I tell him that I'm breaking with my boyfriend? Why he doesn't empathize me? Is he a real friend? Because I have a boyfriend and guy friend and now I'm breaking up with my boyfriend.

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Know this guy since a year and we hang out a lot. But he never confess me more than a friend?

I have known my friend since a year and we started hanging out alone to concerts to dinners alone very frequently. However we off n on talk on msges. We both open up once we meet otherwise we have short conversations on text msges. He usually doesn't initiate convos that many times. Hes told me his past experience was really bad cause of which he will never be in a relation again. I have confessed to him that I like him. And I have my guy feelings saying he likes me too. But hes never said it only treats me like a good friend that all. What to do. My friend hangs out a lot with me but doesn't confess me that he likes me. I have told him but he gives signals but doesn't confess. Is he scared or whats the problem. I am dying to be with him. How to do that?

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Know if Your Best Friend Is Falling for You

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