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18 Sure Signs He Is Dangerously Obsessed with You

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My friends BOYFRIEND is so obsessive towards her and I want your opinion because she's not listening to any of us?

Hi there Dana, so my friend is the most stubborn person and I would just like to ask you something. So she met the guy online(I'm going to keep the story short) they met up for a "date". The guy is 23 and she is 18. After a hour and 30 minutes they both left and he send her this long message, like so long about how much he liked her and connection, girlf/boyf stuff. Weird/inlove message. Loads of feelings in the message. Anyway after that they saw each other again and he showed her all the DM's he gets from girls who "want" him because his rich, successful and all that normal BIG talk. So this weekend she spent it at his apartment. They had 2 huge fights. Because of him being overly obsessive. (My personal opinion) First of he took her phone and blocked all the guys she has on her social media platforms. He'll even ask her when she's on snapchat (when their not together) who are you snapping? How does he even know that? Also he contacted her from another phone and acted like a guy from the online dating app asking if she's seeing anyone(because they were fighting) and right after texted her on his normal number after she said she's seeing someone. All her friends are blocked on everything. . . (This guy and her has only been seeing each other 3 weeks) after that they got home and she wanted to go home but they talked it out. Then he told her he's had a 50 shades of grey relationship with someone and made her sign on a tissue and its in his room. That night (last night) she woke up to him snooping through her phone again. He has told her he has trust issues but his really a bit to much for so early in a relationship? I'm never someone to say something about other people but she's my friend and it feels like this guy is just going to get worse and more controlling. Cause she can't chat to her friends, go to parties etc. We had to go fetch her tonight because she was uncomfortable and after we left he sent her a snapchat of him and his dog saying that "we miss you already". Like after everything that happened this weekend him sending that acting all normal is freaky. Look I've met him his really nice but the things he do it pretty weird. Or way to obsessive, what do you think? What can I say to her because everyone is warning her and she's like but he said sorry. So yeah? Please help. Thank you!!! :)

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18 Sure Signs He Is Dangerously Obsessed with You

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