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Perform a factory reset on Android Device

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How can I fix my camera in Firefly S80?

My phone has a flip camera, I try to used it now but every time I took a picture it gets green when I rotate it, then it says "can't connect to camera" I tried to restart it but it is still the same.. I have tried: I try rooted apps because the phone still got rooted.. I think it was caused by: I think the go launcher Z but it always heated my phone and I always need to boost it.

  • Go to Settings then Systems. Click on About Phone 5 to 10 times to unlock Developer Options. If you are on Kitkat OS then you will disable Use NuPlayer. Restart your phone and it should be back to normal.


  • Hard Reset the device which will resolve any corrupt OS or an app that is causing interference.


  • Put your phone into Recovery Mode and choose Wipe Cache Partition and then Wipe Dalvik Cache. You rooted your phone and this can leave cache that is causing interference.


  • Go to your Applications Manager and select clear cache then clear data and force stop the Camera application. This might not be enough of a solution though since your screen turns green upon rotation of an image.

Lollipop 5 signal is not available?

Lollipop 5 signal is not available

From within your Settings>Mobile Networks, check to see if the APN values match what your mobile carrier uses for APN. This happened after the update to Lollipop and many had to reconfigure their settings for Mobile Networks correctly. Selecting Choose Automatically may also solve your issue. I noticed with my phone I had to constantly choose automatically until I put my phone into Recovery Mode and Wiped Cache Partition and then Dalvik Cache.

I have reset my yoga for few times, the past 2 years (data wiping) because it just won't turn on once in a while?

This time, trying to wipe data but keeps showing "erasing" then my yoga will restart itself over and over again

You are stuck in a boot loop. Hopefully, your device is not bricked. Remove the battery and try to boot up the device. If it starts the boot loop again then you will need to install new firmware.

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Perform a factory reset on Android Device

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