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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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My Samsung Galaxy S5 is locked and the WiFi is off?

My phone is locked with a password that I cannot remember. This is usually not a problem for me, because I can just use the Samsung Find My Mobile site and unlock it; however, the WiFi on my phone is disconnected; so I cannot access my phone through my laptop. Is there any way that I can put the WiFi on without being on my phone or is there anyway I can access my phone without a Hard Reset?

Connecting to WiFi with a locked screen would require your smartphone to be rooted and enabled for USB debugging. If you have these, then you will need to download Android Studio, which features ADB. Then, open Command Prompt on your computer and use the "adb devices" command. Then, type "adb -s #000000000 shell svc WiFi enable". Where "#00000000" is your serial number that you have gotten from the "adb devices" command. This will enable WiFi.

If you do not have a rooted device, then you can copy this file to your microSD card. Reboot in the recovery mode (turn off your device, press and hold volume-up, home, and power buttons until you boot into the recovery menu), and select "apply zip", "choose zip", "install zip", or something similar with the volume and power buttons. This will install the ZIP file from the microSD card onto your device, allowing you to reboot your device (select "reboot system now") and entering any password to open the device.

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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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