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Backup Data on Samsung Galaxy S5

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My Galaxy S5 Screen Stays Black

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Hi, my Galaxy S5 screen stays black.

Is there a way to, a) back it up to my computer or cloud? b) Wipe it before returning?

Sorry to hear about your broken Samsung Galaxy S5. If your phone was logged into your Google account before the screen broke, some of your data -- like your contacts, settings, and applications -- will be backed up in the cloud. Other data, like photos and videos, will have to be transferred to your computer; you can download Samsung Kies HERE and then follow the in-depth instructions in the VisiHow article below to learn how to use Samsung Kies.

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If you enabled Android Device Manager before your screen broke, you can go to the website HERE to remotely wipe your phone. If you didn't enable Android Device Manager, you can use Samsung Kies to wipe your phone. Follow the instructions below (found on XDA Forums):

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  • Open Kies.
  • Click Tools.
  • After the drop-down menu appears, click Firmware Upgrade and Initialization.
  • Type in your model number (example: SM-G900AZKAATT) and your serial number (which you can find under your battery).
  • Click OK.
  • Put your device in download mode.
    • Simultaneously hold the Volume Down, Home, and Power buttons. When you feel a vibration, press the Volume up button. Your phone is now in download mode.
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  • Plug your phone into your computer using the original USB cable and click OK.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Your phone will now be wiped of all its data.

How can I access files from an S5 which appears empty when it connects to my PC?

Hi, My Galaxy S5 has a broken LED panel so the screen is blank. I'm trying to get all the photos/videos off the phone to send away with insurance, but when the device loads to my PC it says it is empty. How can I access the files? I have attempted to search for files etc but to no avail. I am hoping I can access the files, although I haven't loaded anything to the cloud etc. I have read that I may need to download Samsung Kies, but I am really not familiar with that program and have no idea what it actually does. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have tried: Connecting to the PC, manually searching the device through the PC. I think it was caused by: Possibly my locking pattern, otherwise I am not sure.

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Install Samsung Kies for PC is a VisiHow article that takes you through the steps to install Samsung Kies. If your phone was locked previous to the screen breaking, you can unlock it here Samsung's Find My Mobile assuming you had enabled Samsung Mobile on your device.

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Hello, the screen on my phone is black. It turns on and makes noises and the small light at the top flashes but nothing. Wondered if there is a way of getting anything from it. I've just signed onto my Google account, and it's not been backed up.

So is there any way of connecting my phone to the computer to get contacts, pics, etc.?

Samsung Kies can backup your photos but I highly recommend removing your battery and holding down the Power button for a few minutes and then connect the phone to your charger and try turning it on after 10 to 15 minutes. This has often worked to correct the black screen issue of the S5.

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Screen is broken. I have a replacement and need to return damaged unit. I want to wipe it first. Kies won't accept s/n when I enter it?

How do I get Kies to accept my serial number, that I entered CORRECTLY numerous times? I have tried: Kies. I think it was caused by: Dropped phone

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Backup Data on Samsung Galaxy S5
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Hi, I keep getting messages on my phone saying "internet has stopped', 'smart manager has stopped', etc. I was told it's because of memory overload and that I should save my data and set the phone to default. Is that correct?

I have turned on backup on my phone with Samsung accounts, and it should have saved to the Google server. My only concern is whether I'll be able to put everything back again with 'Restore'? I have also exported contacts to my SD card. I hope I have made myself clear? Thank you. Asha

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'Restore' will transfer the files back, however, you should keep several on your PC because of the storage limitations you are experiencing. Samsung Kies is highly recommended to keep the files from your phone organized on your PC.

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I have a Huawei P7-L10 which was dropped yesterday and it's totally blank. Can you help?

I have a Huawei P7-L10 which was dropped yesterday and it's totally blank. I cannot see anything. I have calls and messages coming in, but I cannot see them and it's difficult for me to answer calls. Can you help me sort this one so I can restore the screen, please? Thanks and regards.

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Remove the SIM and SD cards and press firmly all over the back of your Huawei P7-L10. This should settle any loose connections and your screen should be restored. If the screen doesn't come back after that, you should try it hard resetting.

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My son dropped my mobile on the floor. After that, the display has gone.

No display on Samsung Galaxy S5 after my son dropped it on the floor.

Try the tricks mentioned above about removing your battery and pressing all over the back of the phone with the back cover removed. You most likely have a loose connection and this will recover your S5 screen. In the future, consider encasing the phone in an Otterbox because that has saved many phones from the small hands of many children!

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I can't find the serial number on the sticker under the battery.

I see the SKU, the IMEI, the FCC ID and the model numbers, but no serial number. I am trying to wipe my phone before I send it back (received a replacement via insurance) and the screen is cracked/inoperable/black. I am logged onto Kies, but my phone has a password on it, which I obviously can't type in?

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Wiping Galaxy S5 with Broken Screen.

This Youtube Tutorial shows you where to find the serial number on your Samsung S5. You can also find it on the original box if you still have that. If you had a Google Account on your phone, you can also wipe the phone using Google Device Manager.

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