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Parents today have the added challenge of protecting their children from a wide range of online dangers. Children as young as five and six are now walking around with the latest smartphones and mobile devices, most of which, are connected to the internet pretty much all the time. As a parent, the need to monitor your child's device is more critical now than ever. The fact that some apps allow communications and media transfers instantaneously makes it increasingly difficult to ensure your children are not participating in inappropriate activities, or that they're not being bullied or harassed. Let's face it, it's a dangerous world out there and children owning smartphones makes them vulnerable to potential risks.

The best way to keep track of what your child is doing on their mobile device is by installing state-of-the-art monitoring software, such as mSpy, which is specifically designed to work with both Android and iOS devices. Whether your child's iPhone is jailbroken or not, mSpy has it covered, giving parents a birdseye view of what their children are doing on their smartphones. With mSpy's abundance of features, easy installation, and 24/7 multi-language support, parents can be sure they're getting not only a great value but also a monitoring tool that genuinely performs to the highest standards.

Once the software is installed, parents get access to an online control panel that gives them a complete overview of their child's device. They can; see call logs, multi-media (images and videos), contact information, conversations in multiple I'm apps, website and phone number blocking, and much more.

iPhone Tracking without Jailbreak

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mSpy allows you to track your child's iPhone without it being jailbroken. You'll need access to both iCloud and Backup to monitor your child's iPhone. However, if iCloud backup is not enabled, or two-step verification is, you'll need physical access to the target device. The no jailbreak version of mSpy is compatible with iOS 7 to the latest version.

  • View all the Contacts on your child's device
  • Monitor both incoming and outgoing calls, including the time, date, and length of the call.
  • View all text messages; sent, received, and deleted.
  • See all the websites your child visits to ensure they're not viewing inappropriate content.
  • Get geographical information on the WiFi networks your child connects to.
  • Monitor WhatsApp conversations and messages.
  • View any applications installed on your child's iPhone; games, social apps, etc.
  • View events to have a better idea where your child is heading.
  • Look through any notes your child is keeping on their device.

iPhone Tracking

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mSpy also works with jailbroken iPhones that are running iOS 7 - 9.1. There are more advanced features available when the target device is jailbroken.

  • Monitor SMS messages and get detailed reports on your mobile device to ensure your child isn't sending or receiving and dangerous or inappropriate messages.
  • View all emails that are being sent and received on your child's device.
  • Track your child's whereabouts with mSpy's GPS tracker.
  • Monitor favorite messaging apps such as; Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat and more.
  • View multi-media messages and view photos and videos that get taken with the camera on your child's device.
  • Watch all incoming and outgoing calls, including times, dates, durations. View all call log details from your control panel, as well as being able to block numbers of your choosing.

Android Device Tracking

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mSpy can track a variety of functions on Android devices running Android 4.0 and up. To access the app's premium features, the target Android device will have to be rooted.

  • View call logs for incoming and outgoing calls via your online control panel. You also have the option to block any number.
  • Locate and track where your child's device is going and where it has been with mSpy's GPS tracking. Preset safe zone and get notifications when your child enters or leaves any of them.
  • Monitor your child's web browsing history. Keep an eye on the sites they're visiting to ensure their not viewing and dangerous content. You can also block certain websites from your online control panel, directly from your device.
  • View multi-media content (images and video thumbnails) that have been either sent to or received from your child's device, regardless of the app being used.
  • Monitor SMS (text) messages that are being sent to and from your child's device. You can even view deleted messages via your online control panel.

Install mSpy

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Before choosing the right package, please consider whether you plan on monitoring your child's device for either a short or long time frame.

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    Open a web browser and visit mSpy's website. Once the site loads, click or tap the green "BUY NOW" button.
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    Once on the Buy Now package page you'll see three options; Basic (Android/iOS) which is a one-month subscription and comes with a limited number of features, Premium (Android/iOS) which can be used for one, three, or twelve months and comes with all premium features or, No-Jailbreak which also offers a one, three, or twelve month subscription.
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    Once you've carefully reviewed all three options, select your package by clicking or tapping the "BUY NOW" button below it.
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    On the mSpy order page, fill in all the open fields with your information, select a payment method, then read the Terms of Use, Refund Policy, Device Requirements, and Legal Disclaimer
    Once you've filled on all the correct user and payment details, click or tap the "SUBMIT ORDER" button.
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    After your payment is processed, you'll receive an email with further instructions on installing mSpy, along with your purchase receipt. If you have any issues with either your payment or installation, mSpy's world-class support will be more than happy to assist you through it.
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If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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