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All parents get worried when their kids hit the teenage. Many parents have first-hand experience with slammed doors, substance use, late night partying, etc. Your kid's tantrums may lead to your over-exhaustion. Do you think your kid is under the bad influence? Want to find out who's in contact with your kid? Confronting your kid is not the right thing since kids prefer their freedom and personal space above all. So the only alternative left for you is to use monitoring apps. Determining their phone calls tell you a lot about what's going on behind the scenes. This approach can help parents make an informed decision about their kids. XNSPY is a spying app that can help parents keep a tab on their kids by viewing their phone call log. The app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, including smartphones. Here is a detailed view of each process you have to go through for monitoring phone calls of your kids.

1. To begin with, visit the XNSPY website, and enter your login details; your email address and password.


2. Once you've accessed the website and added in your login details, a picture like below will appear. This is the dashboard monitoring screen through which you must move forward to begin spying.


But if you want to monitor multiple devices, a picture as shown below will appear from where you can select the target device which you want to monitor.


3. As the target device is selected, web-based control panel will appear on your screen. On the left-side of this panel are the number of features that you can monitor. From among the features, you must click on 'Phone Logs'.

Phone Logs.jpg

4. A drop-down menu will appear when you click the 'phone logs' from which you need to select 'calls'.

Click Calls.jpg

5. Click 'calls' and a page will appear showing 'Phone Call History Logs'. You can scroll down the page and see all the number of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls in a chronological order.

Phone Calls History.jpg

6. The most recent call will be shown at the top along with other details including the contact name below which is the contact's number.


7. Beside the contact name, type of call whether missed, incoming or outgoing is clearly mentioned along with the duration of the call. Date and time stamp are also visible.

Call Type.jpg

8. There are two icons on the screen. One shows the location of the person who's in contact with your target. When you click on it, a clear map can be seen which depicts the exact location of the contact with all the longitudes and latitudes.


Map 5.png

9. The other icon is for recording. When you click on it, you can easily here the call recording of your target with his contacts.

Call Recording.jpg

10. A delete icon is also shown on the extreme top right of the screen. When you click it, you have the option to select calls which you want to delete from the control panel.

Delete Call History.jpg

Whoosh! You're finally done with call monitoring. So if you need some accurate surveillance for your kids and save them from potential threats of online predators and bullies, you must install this app, ASAP! Each step was discussed in detail to avoid confusion so if you're a beginner, I hope this will help. If you need to monitor some other XNSPY monitoring feature, you can learn about how to Monitor Whatsapp on Android Using XNSPY, .

Questions and Answers 1. If I record my girlfriend's calls, do I need to listen to the recordings immediately or what? A recorder icon is available on your control panel so whenever you want to hear your girlfriend's recording, you can click on it and listen to it at any time. It's not necessary to listen to it immediately. The recording is present in the panel so you can take your time and listen to it as many times as you want.

2. Will I be able to know from where someone else is calling my target, when I'm only tracking my target's phone? On the screen of your control panel, geo-tags are present along with the name of each contact's name. So if someone is calling your target, you can click on the geo-tag and determine the location of that person. Even if you target has made/received a call from an unsaved number, that person's location can also be viewed. Same is the case with missed calls.

3. My son's really smart when it comes to technology. He usually deleted all his call and text history. I want to know that when I'm using a spy app, would I be able to view the deleted content? Of course you can! Spy apps are a step smarter than your target. Even if your son deletes a call or text from his cell phone, you can still be able to view it on the control panel of your device. The call history will only be deleted from the panel if you select the option to delete specific calls or a particular call.

4. Is the ambient recording feature automatic or do I have to turn on the recorder whenever I need it? And would the target not know about it? The ambient recording feature is not automatic, but you can remotely turn on the recorder and switch it off whenever you need it. The app is designed to maintain stealth mode throughout usage, therefore, the target person doesn't suspect anything. The home screen doesn't flash when you turn on the recorder. All recorded files temporarily go to the SD-card and are deleted once uploaded to the control panel without any trace. If you have problems with any of these steps, ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.

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Only part of the product function all online spy logs are non opening. Can't see real-time text or calls

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