Meet the Challenge of Motherhood

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When we make decisions as parents and a mother,it makes a deep and lasting influence on the lives and personalities of our children. These decisions can bring big changes in the parent's way of life, so they need to be made carefully. They could include things such as, should the mother work outside of the home, if so, how much? Who will care for the children when the mother is at her job? In the end, parents would want to do what is best for their children, and what is right before God. What are some guidelines that can make motherhood a joy, and successful?

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Steps For a Successful Motherhood

  • If You Put these guidelines into practice, you can be a successful Mom, and have happy children!
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    Be Reasonable
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    Sometimes you want to begin motherhood with high expectations. You want to read all the mothering books you can find, and talk to all the experts. This can make you feel inadequate, and trying to fit into other people's expectations can create guilt and worry.
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    Establish priorities, and give attention to the more important things. Make an analysis of your life-style. You possibly could put aside activities and possessions that aren't really necessary. What is most important to you in your life? Is it having everything at one time, or can some of your goals be delayed while you pursue others? Could you keep things more simple, and cut down on expenses? Do you like to sew? You can save money and make clothing for your children. Do you need all the new and latest gadgets? Could you save money and be satisfied with some of the things you have?
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    Make the Changes That Are Possible
    You want to use common sense, and sound judgement. If you have a job outside the home, can your family survive on just your husband's income? You can go over how much your take home pay is after subtracting your taxes, child care, travel expenses, meals out, and your clothing expense. Some people may work few hours and closer to home, which can mean less money, but you can spend more time with the children.
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    Get Help
    Ask your husband for his cooperation of sharing the housework with you so you can have more time with your children. You can also ask for support through family members or close trusted friends.
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    Make Time To Relax
    While your children need you, you need to be happy and have quiet time to relax, either in the morning, or in the evening.
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    Give Priority to Your Spirituality
    Christian families will experience happiness when they all work together to put God first in their life. Sit and read the bible together daily, and discuss it. Read bible stories to your children and have fun acting out the characters and dressing up.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • How much of an impact are you having on your child's life? Is the influence of friends, teachers, video games, entertainment, outweighing your time spent with them?
  • Take advantage of your child's few short years to provide Godly instruction for them.

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