Meet the Challenge of Asperger's Syndrome

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You want to have good friends, but making conversation is not easy. But you can talk for hours on your favorite subject. You are use to a routine in your life, and do not like changes. Many times you feel down and frustrated. People misunderstand you, and tell you that you're difficult and rude.

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You find it hard to understand other people's thoughts and feelings. Many with Asperger's disease regularly face these situations. Those with this syndrome look the same as anyone else, and are very intelligent. They do have a neurological developmental disorder that affects the way they communicate with and relate to people.

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Each person with Asperger's syndrome is affected in a different way. It is possible though, to meet the challenge of living with this disease. This malady is named after Hans Asperger, who explained it in the year 1944. But only in recent years, much research has been done to understand and help many people being diagnosed with it. There are medical researchers who are deciding if it is a less severe form of autism, or separate disorder. No one knows what really causes it. They say it is not due to the way a child has been brought up, or emotional deprivation. So how can a child be helped to deal with this disorder?

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Dealing with a a child with Asperger's

Disciplining young children displaying asperger characteristic behavior will frequently require a technique which is somewhat unique compared to that of some other children. Picking out the balance involving understanding the requirements of children with asperger's as well as discipline that's age proper and situationally necessary is achievable when implementing some straightforward but efficient strategies. These strategies might be implemented both in your house or in more open settings.

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Helpful tips

  • Set Little Goals Taking One Step at a Time. For example, if you are having trouble communicating with people, try saying a few words to 1 person daily, and then work your way gradually talking to more.
  • Focus Your Attention On Something Else. When you are having high anxiety from large crowds, take your iPod or some other device with headphones and concentrate on music or something. This will temporarily help you to take your mind off of what is bothering you at that moment.
  • Exercise. This can relieve frustration and have a positive effect on your behavior.
  • Get help from someone who can talk with you and understands your problems.
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How can parents help

  • Learn What You Can About Your Child's Disorder. Search books at the library, browse the internet, talk to anyone you know that understands Asperger's.
  • Learn and teach your child coping skills in and outside of the home.
  • Keep a regular schedule and introduce change gradually.
  • Find and call local services to see what groups and support they can find for their problems.
  • Let teachers, friends and relatives know how they can help support your child during their difficult times.
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Tips, tricks and Warning

  • Be patient and encourage those with Asperger's Syndrome.
  • Try to treat them the same as others.
  • if you detect this disease early in life, you can find treatment options that can improve one to function better in life with this disorder.

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