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We are sorry to inform you that the title you are trying to reach or write has been blocked from being created by the VisiHow community. That's mainly because, if created, such a title would have failed to meet the VisiHow character article standards.

A character article, is an article that explains how to be like somebody. Since VisiHow has suffered from quality problems on other character articles, we have developed a set of criteria that each character article on VisiHow should meet. You can read our quality standards at How to Write a Character Article (a "Be Like" Article) on VisiHow.

Here is a quick summary of our standards from Write a Character Article (a "Be Like" Article) on VisiHow:

  1. Articles should not be titled "be like". If you article is titled "be like" consider requesting a title change to something more obtainable like how to sing like, how to dress like, how to be inspired by, how to roleplay, how to look like, how to cosplay or similar.
  2. Focus on achievable actions for average readers.
  3. Reference your work to reliable sources. Don't engage in creative writing exercises based on what you merely think this celebrity does. Tie your statements to facts in 3rd party media sources.
  4. Use photos and videos.
  5. Follow the high quality character article example.

You can also find useful information in other VisiHow Policies to explain the blocking of this title's creation.

If you believe the title you've been trying to view or create is not supposed to be blocked or that it is blocked by mistake, please feel free to contact ant of our Help-Team members or Administrators.

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