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Every woman wants her married life to be happy in every way. Women do not want their husbands to look at another woman. Most marriages today world are not successful. A woman does not inherently know how to keep her husband happy.

They do not necessarily know how to act on their needs. A wife should make her husband happy if she wants happiness in her life. Likewise a husband should strive to make his wife happy. How can you make and keep your husband happy and improve your married life?


Instructions to Making Your Husband Happy

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    Attend to the physical and sexual needs of your husband
    One of the basic needs of a man is sexual fulfillment. Like every other woman, you might have taken care of the children and made delicious food for your hubby, but that isn't all that it takes. Your every effort goes in vain when you do not fulfill your husband's sexual needs.
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    Make your home feel comfortable for your husband
    Home is a place where people sit back and relax. Welcome your husband by saying pleasant words rather than ignoring him and giving first priority to your respective work. When he comes home, say the words that will make his mood better. You can say words like, "Honey, I missed you so much. Thank God, you are home now. I love you."
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    You should respect the needs of your husband
    It could be his sexual needs, his social needs, spiritual needs, or financial needs. You should be sensitive to your husband's every need. Most men do not talk about problems. They tend to keep their problems to themselves and try to solve it without hassling their partners. You should be very aware of this.
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    Tell him every decision that you make or ask him for his advice before doing anything
    You are a team. Both of you are partners in life so any major decision should be consensus. It will not make any of you a prisoner, or someone who just follows her spouse's lead; instead, it will make your life happier. As the head of the family, your husband has the right to know and decide with you on any major issues that you make regarding your family.
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    Kiss your man for 30 seconds every day
    It is not time consuming and costs nothing. Kiss your hubby as you used to kiss him on your dates when you were unmarried. Give him a daily dose of kisses so that he stays passionate.
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    Take care of yourself
    Your husband loves you. That's proven when he asked you to marry him and become part of his life, but do not leave everything to love. You should always see to it that you still look good and presentable. There is a high chance that the first thing about you that caught your husband's eye is your physical appearance. Do both of yourselves a favor by taking care of your body. You have to look good for your husband, and most importantly, for yourself.
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    Go to the places where you've had date nights in the past
    They are less expensive than a marriage counsellor. It will boost up your marriage and will attract your man more to you.
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    Keep a smile on your face and try to comfort your hubby when he needs you
    Speak kindly with him. Speak in a low tone even if you are offended.
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    A baby can always bring extra happiness to a family
    If you can and both of you agree to it, and it's the right time; try to conceive a baby. However, do not put pressure on yourselves. A baby will be a source of extra joy, but the absence of a child should not take out any joy from your marriage. You married each other because you both love each other company. A baby is a great bonus but not having one should not spoil your marriage.
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Questions and Answers

New things to try to make your husband happy when your relationship seems ho-hum?

Boredom visits every couple's married life once in a while. This can be critical because it can either break or make a relationship. If you think that you and your husband are already in this phase of your relationship, here are some tips that you can try to turn the situation around.

  • Space - There is more to life than just being with each other all the time. Be with your friends and other family members independently to help yourselves grow. This will make each of you a better team player. Being away from each other will also make you miss and long for each other even more. Make it a habit to take time off with other people, so you can avoid boredom knocking on your door.
  • Travel - Going away on a vacation with your husband will give both of you a very nice break. Stress can make both or one of you grumpy, which will likely result in quarrels. Go to a place where there is less, or no, distractions or stress. Being in a solemn place will help you think clearly and make smart decisions. Enjoy a relaxing evening view and think back to the old days when you were younger and still having fun. This should make you feel refreshed and stronger to face the challenges of a married life again when you get back from vacation.
  • Try new recipes - Like the old saying goes, the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. This may sound a bit shallow, but it is still, and always will, be true. Surprising your husband with food that he is not used to seeing on the table can make a lot of difference. A different recipe for dinner can make him stay at the table longer, which will give both of you more time to talk and share your experiences from the day. Remember that communication is a very important key in a successful marriage. If you are thinking that food can't really help lighten up a relationship, try this suggestion and see the results for yourself.
  • Look back - Take your husband down the memory lane. Cook a good breakfast meal for him on a day off and invite him to take a look at your old pictures. Remind him of your fun stories and experiences in the past. Looking back at your wedding pictures is also a great idea. Tell him how you felt when he proposed to you, and reminisce on how excited you were, yet nervous at the same time, on your wedding day. You can also take him back to the times when you faced problems and talk about how you got through it. These small efforts makes you realize how far the relationship has come and will give you more strength to deal with even bigger challenges in the future.

Women Should Not Be Controlled By Men

This article may be helpful for women living in countries with what they view as more traditional marriages. I find many things in this article demeaning and humiliating toward women. Women are partners. They are not housemaids, chefs and sex toys. This entire article is about modifying who you are to stretch and mould into what you think your husband wants you to be.. Many of these suggestions will emotionally imprison a woman with a man who is demanding, dominant and self-centered. This article begins to create the problem, and represents a very one-sided relationship, with the woman being treated as if she's less than the man. It gives men the "okay" to behave badly.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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