Make the bow a great weapon in Skyrim

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HAC195 here to explain how to make any bow a great weapon in Skyrim.


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    The bow is a great mid to long range weapon from the start but to initially boost its effectiveness start with you stealth ability while upgrading your bow this way you stay hidden longer while making those precise shot
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    Have a set progress path for your bow, nothing is worse than having upgrade points and not know how you want or need to use them
    I started by going for my critical hits first if you get that high early most battles can be ended before they start. The best upgrade to the bows would have to be the zoom feature once you have it you can slow down time while focusing in on distant targets, this could be critical for that time when you know that you have to kill an enemy before they get to you.
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    As for your stealth make you initial sneak your priority this way you can remain hidden sometimes after hitting an enemy
    (If they are far enough away) Then work towards your stealth movement with this you can crouch to be hidden and still move the same speed as if you were walking straight up. (After I got this I never stood up in the game again I mean what's the point right?)
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  • To effectively make progress in both skills stay crouched and aim for the head, when you do you should get both the sneak attack bonus and critical hit bonus at the same time. Getting these bonuses will quickly level up those skills.
  • Another thing you may want to do is imbue your bow with some kind of extra attack ability like fire or ice. (Me personally, I like the soul stealing ability simply because it looks pretty cool when you get the close up kill screen)

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