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Eyebrows can make or break someone's look. They frame our eyes, making our whole face look really beautiful if they're perfectly groomed. They can also define your mood for the day, change how young or old you look, bring out your personality and accentuate the shape of your face. They are also one of the most expressive parts of the face, so people really pay attention to them. Eyebrows are a very important face feature that we should never neglect. Today, we will provide steps and suggestion that you can choose from on how to make the perfect eyebrow for your face.

Determine your face shape

The most important factor to consider when shaping your brows is the shape of your face. Below are the different shapes of faces. Before you can start grooming your eyebrows, you have to determine what you have to work on first which is your face and then proceed

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Different eyebrow shapes

Below is the reference of different eyebrow shapes. You can have a quick look at this photo and refer to the next part so you can decide which of these eyebrow shapes fits you best.

Howikis-Diff. eyebrow shapes...jpg

Every face shape has an appropriate eyebrow shape. Choosing the wrong eyebrow shape will not compliment the way someone looks and will not bring up her features.

Choosing your eyebrow shape

Here is a guide on how to choose the perfect eyebrow shape depending on the shape of your face.

  1. 1
    Square face
    Square face 1.jpg
    This usually has equally sized forehead, cheeks and jawline, which makes the face look strong. The jawline is the most noticeable feature of a square face. To soften and bring up this feature, it is best to choose the soft angled or s-shaped (curved) brows. If you want to have soft angled brows, make a sharp peak to balance the jawline. With the curved or s-shaped brows, the peak/arch of your brow must be aligned to the jaw's widest angle to balance it out and make the face look longer.
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  2. 2
    Round face
    Round face 1.jpg
    To make the face look longer, it is recommended that you a curved/s-shaped brow and draw a higher arch. This gives the face an elongated look because your cheekbones will appear higher. Do not use round shaped brows because this will only make the face look wider and will not serve its purpose. To make the face look slimmer, it is recommended for you to go for a slim arch.
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  3. 3
    Oval face
    Oval face 1.jpg
    This is one of the best face shapes one can have. Oval face is generally the type that can look nice with any brow shape, but the best eyebrow shape for it is the soft angled brow shape. This brow shape suits the proportion of the face best and its arch makes the face look more sophisticated.
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  4. 4
    Heart/triangle shaped face
    Heart and triangle face.jpg
    Rounded shape brows work best with heart shaped faces. Draw a soft arch, for it will soften your chin and make you look more feminine. The arch's height depends on how short or long your heart shaped face is. Heart shaped faces look best when the brow isn't very thick but still looks natural.
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  5. 5
    Diamond face.
    Diamond face 1.jpg
    A soft angled shaped or curved/s-shaped eyebrows will be the best bets for this face shape
    The peak of the eyebrow will soften the angular face. A soft arch will balance the widest part of the face around the cheekbones and will also draw the emphasize away from the wide face.
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Plucking 101

  1. 1
    Check where you eyebrows start by turning your tweezers upside down
    Plucking 101 -1.jpg
    The open end should point downward and it should be placed vertically beside the outer corner of the bottom of your nose. The vertex marks at the beginning of your eyebrows. Use an eye pencil to mark it and remove hair that goes beyond your mark.
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  2. 2
    Locate where your eyebrows end by turning your tweezers upside down again
    Plucking 101 - 2.jpg
    The open end should still be pointed downward and laid on the angle against your cheek. This should reach the outer corner of your eye. The hair should end on the spot where the vertex of your tweezers lands. Mark it and remove the hair that goes beyond the mark.
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  3. 3
    Decide on the thickness you desire
    Plucking 101 - 3.jpg
    Using an eye pencil, draw a line above the stray hair that you want to remove, following the natural shape of your eyebrow. Start plucking the stray hair below the line.
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  4. 4
    Determine the shape of your arch by looking straight at the mirror.
    Plucking 101 - 4.jpg
    The arch should be above the outer rim of your iris laying on your brow bone
    Mark it with your eye pencil and remove the hair on the bottom of it. Shape the tail after.
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Guide to Eyebrow Products

There's a lot more to perfect brows than just hair removal. To get the ideal brows, you need fullness and definition. Many women have light, thin eyebrows with spaces in them. Eyebrows typically thin out as we age, and full brows are a sign of youth. That's where these products come in. There are so many eyebrow products on the market, from gels and waxes to powders and pencils. They're available at just about every price point, and you can try out different formulas to see which one works best for you. When choosing a brow color, you may want to choose a color that's the same depth as your hair color if you're a brunette. If you're blonde or light-haired, you may want to go a shade or two darker to add some definition. The most essential part of choosing a brow color is the tone. If your hair color is cool, stick with cool colors, and if it's warm, stick with warmer colors. You can play around with depth of color until you find the one that looks best on you. Taupe is a great color for most women, whether you're blonde or brunette.

  1. 1
    Eyebrow pencils
    Melissarae 907720028.jpg
    These are great for filling in spaces if you have sparse eyebrows. They add shape and definition, but they don't add much fullness. The best eyebrow pencils are a little on the waxy side, which helps them last all day. If the pencil is too creamy, it can smudge or disappear throughout the day. To get a natural look, you'll need an eyebrow brush or a spooly, which is often included on the bottom end of the eyebrow pencil. Make sure the tip is sharpened and use small, light strokes to fill in sparse areas. For more defined brows, draw a thin line along the bottom and top of your eyebrows, and blend the lines towards your eyebrows with a spooly. You want to mimic the look and direction of hair growth.
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  2. 2
    Eyebrow powders
    Melissarae 711VJuzDyYL. SL1500 .jpg
    These are great for adding fullness and color, and they're a little more forgiving than eyebrow pencils. You can apply the powder directly to your eyebrows in small strokes with a small, stiff brush. If your brow powder comes with two shades, you can use the lighter one on the inner portion of your brows near your nose, and the darker one from your arch to the outer point of your eyebrows. You can also blend the two colors together for a customized color. For extra definition, you can get the brush wet first. Some eyebrow powders come with a wax, which you can use to shape your brows or mix with the powder on your brush. After applying the brow powder, brush your eyebrows to blend the makeup.
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  3. 3
    Eyebrow mascaras
    Melissarae Nature-Republic-Botanical-Eyebrow-Mascara.jpg
    These add fullness and color without altering the shape of your eyebrows. They're great if you want a softer, more natural look. They can also be used to hold your brows in place after using a powder or pencil. A good product will tint and plump your brows without clumping or smearing. You can find clear eyebrow mascara, as well as a wide range of colors to darken or lighten your eyebrows as desired. Some products have added ingredients that can help improve the condition of your eyebrows.
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Drawing your eyebrows

When grooming your eyebrows, remember that you do not have to draw it to achieve the look that you want. All you need to do is enhance it and fill in its natural look. If you have dark hair, your eyebrow color should be one or two shades lighter than your hair. If you have light hair, your eyebrow color should be two shades darker than your hair. This will balance the overall look of your face and hair. Below is the basic procedure of filling in your brows.

  1. 1
    What you need
    1. Angled eyebrow brush
    2. Brow powder
    3. Water sprayer
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  2. 2
    1. Spray water on your brow brush. This will make the brow powder stick on your brush and stay on your eyebrows longer.
      HOWIKIS IMAGES - spraying brush.jpg
    2. Pick the eyebrow color that you want. Pick your color carefully. One to two shades lighter for dark hair and two shades darker for light hair.
      HOWIKIS IMAGES- picking eyebrow color.jpg
    3. Start from the outer part of the brow and draw your desired shape. This way it will be easier for you to fill it in once your done shaping it.
      HOWIKIS IMAGES - start outer part.jpg
    4. Fill in the rest of the brows with the thickness that you want to achieve. Do the same procedure with the other eyebrow and you should be all set.
      HOWIKIS IMAGES-rest of the brows.jpg
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  • If you are still unsure of the brow shape that will work best for you, you can go to a salon and consult a professional to get some advice.
  • Practice grooming your eyebrows every now and then and you will get the hang of it later on.
  • If an eyebrow product doesn't work for you, don't stick with it. Explore your options until you find the best product for you.

Questions and Answers

How should I do my eyebrows if I have a round face?

For girls with rounded face shape, the curved brow is most recommended. Be sure that the arches are higher and thinner, for this will for this will create an illusion of a longer face. Avoid having round-shaped brows, for it would result in a wider and a more rounded looking face.

Since you have a round face, the best eyebrow would be the curved brow with arcs and quite thick to emphasize your face and make your face looks longer instead of round.

Is it true that eyebrows can make or break someone's face?

Yes, the shape of the eyebrows can actually make or break one's looks. There are some shapes that go against your face shape. Depending on how your brows look, you could either end up looking sweet or "cold"; eyebrows can make all the difference.

Yes, eyebrows can in fact make or break someones face when it comes to their looks. Eyebrows can either make a person look very beautiful or accent their face more than another person whom does not have their eye brows perfectly arched or cut.

How to draw the soft angled peak brow?

A soft angled brow creates a softer, delicate look. If you have a round shaped face, creating the soft angled brow will make you look taller. It is also applicable for the square shaped face, as it helps to soften the features. You can buy stencils online or from beauty shops to get it perfected, or practice using the illustrations below.


What you will do is darken your current eyebrows using a brush. Towards the middle part, do a very small arch, extending from the edge of your brows. Do about 2mm of the arch and then fill it up with the same color as your existing brows. Make sure that you do not make the arch with any corners as that will look rather sharp.

What shape makes the perfect eyebrows for round faces?

The perfect eyebrows for round faces is the one which is high arched or hard angled. Shaping the eyebrow this way will create an effect that the face will become elongated. If you have a round face, you have to avoid curved eyebrows because this will emphasize your round face.

I want a picture of an angled brow brush?

Angled brow brushes are very easy to identify mainly because its looks are very distinct that you won't be able to mistake it for a regular brow brush. It basically has a sloping brush end.

Doug Collins meme angled brow brush.jpg

Soft angled eyebrow?

To create a soft-angled eyebrow, you have to use a lighter shade of eyebrow pencil. Also, most people suggest to use a brush instead of a pencil for this. This will make sure that no sharp edges are too visible and that the overall look of the brow is natural and soft.

How to make a perfect eyebrow arch?

The best way to do this is to use a combination of eyebrow brush and pencil. You would be using the eyebrow pencil to subtly draw an outline of your eyebrow. When you reach the portion to do an arch, you use the eyebrow pencil very lightly in order to draw an arch and then fill up the rest of the space using an eyebrow brush. This way, the arch remains perfect, but it won't look too sharp on your face that it will become unnatural anymore.

How do I accentuate my cheekbones by shaping my eyebrows?

I am under the impression that the center of the arch must meet the most prominent part of the cheekbone but at the same time I'm not sure and really quite confused.

You can do this by making a sharp arch at the middle of your eyebrows. It helps to create a bony impression on your face, and therefore it will help in accentuating your cheekbones.

It does not really have to be aligned to the most prominent cheekbone but at least you need to make sure that you are doing the arch in a balanced way on both sides. The color of the eyebrow pencil that you will use will also help. The darker it is, the better.

How to make soft angled eyebrows (blonde) for oval shaped face?

I have a oval shaped face and I think soft angled shape of eyebrows is the best decision. So, I want to know, how to shape them and fill them in. I have a really big problem with my eyebrows because I don't have my natural shape and my eyebrow hair is really light. It's really hard to find a shape form y eyebrows because my right eyebrow is lower than my left eyebrow. Also, the beginning of my both eyebrows goes very low and I want to lift it up because It makes my eyes smaller.

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